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    Diesel Jerry cans

    There was a military surplus store in PA that had surplus metal cans for sale. $20-25 per can and they sold the clip on spouts and new gaskets as well. Have you looked into this path?
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    Custom Roof Rack/Basket

    Hello all, I have a roof rack that I had custom built for our 2011 F150 Screw ARE cap with the stock Yakima rails. It is built out of 3/4" sch 80 aluminum pipe with a epoxy primer and and urethane bedliner type black paint. Rack is less than two years old. Looking to switch to a roof rack bar...
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    FS: ARB Fridge Slide SoCal/ Long Beach $200

    Does this have the tilt down feature as well? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk