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    Box Rocket 1995 FZJ80 Build

    Finally finished reading through the whole thread, such a rad cruiser. Very tastefully done and inspires me to get to work on my new to me 80 series, first up in mine is a V8 swap as the original motor is long gone :)...thanks for documenting and hope to see you on the trails one day.
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    Vanilla Gorilla: 2017 Power Wagon build

    Truck is looking awesome..pretty much all the same mods I'd like to do to mine. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the compressor setup!
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    2011 Ram Build

    Great pics and thanks for sharing...Looks like some beautiful country back your way. Alex
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    95L SnoMaster Dual Zone Fridge and Jumbo Tembo Tusk Fridge Slide - $1300

    No worries, I understand and will keep this in mind, nice setup and i'm sure someone will grab it up! Thanks, Alex
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    eccotemp l5

    What size water pump are you guys using to supply these water heaters? Trying to figure out how I can run these off a few 5 gal containers... thanks! Alex
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    SnowTaco - 2016 Tacoma Build / Travel Thread

    Giving me some great ideas for my Ram topper and platform... How did you attach the velcro to the Reflectix? Did you just use the stick adhesive thats on the velcro and if so, how is it holding up? Thanks! Alex
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    95L SnoMaster Dual Zone Fridge and Jumbo Tembo Tusk Fridge Slide - $1300

    Hello, great setup you have here! I was wondering if you are able to have one side a freezer and the other side a fridge side correct? It seems this way from the description on their website.. Also wondering if you would be willing to separate the fridge? Thanks! Alex
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    STREGA'S 2016 Ram 3500 cab/chassis adventure truck build

    Your setup came out awesome! As a fellow 6.4 owner I'm glad to see you getting those numbers, Im getting that about stock with my camper shell on a 2500 with 3.73 gears. Someday i'll regear for bigger tires/increased wind resistance i.e.. camper of some sort. Looking good!! Alex
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    8 days, 7 Nights and over 600 miles of Off-road across Utah *Very Pic Heavy*

    Awesome trip and GREAT photos especially the night shots! Hope the ankle is doing better...
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    BoldAdventures 2015 Power Wagon Build

    The improvements and upgrades are looking sweet! Great thought into the additions to the truck, can't wait to start adding to mine..hows the bumper now that you cut the 2" off and redid the welds? It looks great painted up and will be easy touch up. Also I'm curious on the steering stabilizer...
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    Solar Generator Build

    Very cool, love seeing some quality homemade alternatives to the Yeti's and such, especially in a Pelican case. May have to replicate this build one of these days... Hows it working out for you? Alex
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    Somedayilllearn's Bear

    Looks great, can't wait to collect some pieces for my setup one of these days...what battery trays/mounts are you using there?
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    BoldAdventures 2015 Power Wagon Build

    This beast is looking awesome! Giving me lots of inspiration on what to do with mine. What suspension upgrades are you planning on? Also did you notice any mpg and/or performance upgrade with adding the snorkel? Im looking at muffler replacement and possibly an intake for mine to improve the...
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    Goblin Valley To Cathedral Valley

    Very cool and refreshing simplicity:) Nice to just go out and explore, we plan to get out that way this summer. Thanks for sharing!
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    Desert Off-Road Trip April 2017

    Great pics and especially the reptile shots! Those were cool. Fun to find secret spots and camp areas but that sucks you were taken over by other dingbats, that takes some of the remoteness away... some people just don't get it:) Thanks for sharing! How was the weather and winds?