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    1st Gen "Taco" on the "Frontier"!

    I was looking at Nissans for a bit when looking for my first gen Taco. Besides some of the other reasons mentioned the trucks I went and looked at were all just thrashed. Half were in Mexico where these are basically commercial vehicles there so I get it but even in the states there were so...
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    How NOT To Hand Winch

    To be fair this is 90% about the driver being a complete moron than it is the hand winching.
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    Can winter storage damage shocks like my 5160s

    I can't comment to the down period but I have seen enough fail just driving around Detroit winter roads that I don't even consider Bilsteins at all.
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    Do Second Hand Ursa Minor's Ever Come Up for Sale?

    Strangely they seem to pop up more often then you think they would. I see maybe 3-4 a year and I am not really even looking for them.
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    Thinking about buying this tacoma - reasonable price?

    Somewhere there is a maybe expensive but unmolested Taco owned by a retired couple looking to upsize or downsize. Go find that one. This one has way to much sketch for a 2020 vehicle.
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    Talk me out of a GPSmap 64

    Was coming at it more from a backup gps sort of angle but my Nuvi isnt any bigger than a big cell phone. 🤷‍♂️ But yeah they do suck for tracks.
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    Talk me out of a GPSmap 64

    For what it is worth you can put topo maps from the above link onto an old garmin Nuvi and many other street oriented GPS models and use an old nav GPS you might already have as a backup GPS.
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    Bathing Question

    Dude. Solar showers are like the most compact thing in the universe. If you think that is bulky your are. Pretty much hosed. Lol. That said I use a collapsing bucket and 12 V shower head thingy. I just heat the water with my cooking stove and a pot and scoop and reheat the water untill it is at...
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    Super Pacific - New Wedge Camper

    I saw the windows with the little awnings on them on instagram. That is so cool and hardly any wedge campers/RTTs have ventilation you can actually use in the rain. I wish I wasn't living on my savings at the moment.
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    Which EV would you buy?

    Would not take all that many remote solar charging stations to bust a lot of the backcountry wide open. All it takes is a stroke of a pen from one agency or another. In that sense you could almost flip remote on its head because no entity is ever going to put remote petrol stations in National...
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    The singles do as there is not a lot of air volume to keep the pressure up especially if they are near full liquid fuel wise. But they also pump up quick so pumping to light and then a pump after blue flame is enough to run for quite a long time for me anyways.
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    Super Pacific - New Wedge Camper

    A non-ridiculous (Vagabond cough cough) deposit policy. For reference: In order to secure a spot in the manufacturing queue we require a non-refundable $500 deposit. At this point we will work out your color and finish choices and determine your build date. Once we are ready to start your...
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    Old Man Emu - Tundra Lift - 2"? More like 4"!

    My 1st gen Taco with OME Dakars and the extra leafs were so arched at first I had to compress the springs on the lift to get the shocks to even bolt up to the point as I jacked up the axle the truck was hovering off of the lift. They had literally 1/4" of down travel at first. They will sag. The...
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    INEOS Grenadier

    Is it just me or do those front skids plates seem abnormally low, especially for a solid axle vehicle? Hope the steering gear isn't in a weird spot.