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    Hood Mounted Solar Panels by Cascadia....anyone have in use?

    I have a thread on it here.
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    Nice 2008 Ram Cummins 4x4 Ambo Auction

    Bidding on a Pennsylvania vehicle without chassis photos is living dangerously lol.
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    Tacoma+Four Wheel Camper $35k

    Says it is sold on FB marketplace FYI.
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    Possible cheap alternative "high angle" inner CV boots. 1st Gen Tacoma but probably will work for all gen.

    Already had diff drops installed at the point this was written up but I guess I did not mention it in this post but I think I did in another. The Icons wound up giving enough extra down travel I had to put in limiting straps otherwise the CVs started to bind at full droop. I don't know if I...
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    Hood Mounted Solar Panels by Cascadia....anyone have in use?

    Made my own with 2 80 watt panels. Heat from the engine is not an issue. Go take temp readings from panels in strong sunlight and sheet metal in strong sunlight. It's already roasting hot all the time whether the engine is running or not. Running across the Altar Desrt in Mexico in 4-lo in 110...
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    Shaking at 70+ mph

    Make sure the tires are not failing the road force portion of the balance. I just had to ditch a $250 tire because it was failing the road force and was either out of round or not structurally the same throughout its rotation and causing vibes no matter how well it was balanced. One other...
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    Simpler side solar with flex panels and one battery (panels on hood)

    Well 5 months in and maybe 5K of driving. 100 degree AZ heat. 1st 2nd gear 4LO sand running. Bunch of stuff in between. Bombing up mountain passes WOT in 4th gear then pulling off the freeway to get gas with a super heat soaked engine. So far so good. Have not touched anything in the system...
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    awd express soft brakes after storage

    What about the flex line to the axle that could have been stretched at full droop?
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    Lower budget fridge? Iceco?

    That sucks. What exactly happened?
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    sPOD vs OEM AUX switches

    The price of sPOD vs the actual value and function has, and will always, remain a total mystery to me. Physical switches are always easier to use with 100% accurate tactile feedback in a bouncing truck compared to a touchscreen.
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    Thoughts on the Truckhouse Tacoma expedition camper...

    The build quality on that video really does look amazing. There is so much Tacoma bro in that video it makes me want to hurl though. So confused lol. A sleeps 2 version of this on a reg cab and a little smaller shell would make so much more sense as a small but super nimble thing with some...
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    How do people wash their greasy pans?

    Stainless steel, regular steel (like a wok), or cast iron cookware and one of these. Clean using almost no water and then wipe clean with a paper towel or oiled paper towel or reusable washable towel. You can get pretty good at using almost no water and if worried about bears and have so...
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    (partially) new Tundra coming?

    As someone who has participated in calibration exposure testing for max GCVWR towing and high elevation testing for OEMs I am well aware of this. There is more than one way to skin the cat in terms of packaging and style though, not to mention the styling of the whole rest of the vehicle. You...