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  • Bey RVR saw your post about the 285 coopers you have and might sell. Bow old are they and what do u want for them? I might be in NC next month for AA Rendezvous.

    Hi there,

    Saw you post here on Expedition Portal in the Domestics forum that you have an extra Asfir front skid plate for an '00 Excursion.

    - How much do they go for normally / how much did you pay for it?
    - How much do you want for it?
    - How much would you charge to ship it to San Diego, CA (zip 92109)?
    - And, just to confirm, brand new in original box, with all hardware originally supplied with?

    My email is, and my mobile# is (619) 218-0852.


    Hello my name is Dan MacGavin and I live in Denver NC. If you decide you don't need the white burb you recently purchased please let me know. I'm sure you love it and are keeping it but I just thought I would ask. :) 704.654.0081

    Checking to see if you are feeling well enough to head up to URE for the rover event this weekend? Hoping to get together for a bit.


    Just checking in. Jonah and I plan to head to Uwharrie for some trail riding on Sunday morning through early afternoon. We are committed to another event on Saturday. Hope you guys are doing well and that you are enjoying that new Jeep.

    they can be, but need reset up. I am selling pairs- a front and a rear, ready to install. So no need to worry, as I'll have them marked for you. Cheers, Dale
    I saw a listing on your site for F&R third members with 4.10 gears and True Trac lockers, fits Discovery, Defender, RRC 24 spline.

    I have a 99 DII. What are you asking for them?
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