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    Looking for Ideas/Pictures of How to Secure Gear in my Truck Bed

    I've been using combinations of action packers, milk crates, 5 gallon buckets and smaller Jobox's for years. Keep them in place with a semi trailer 'load bar' that I cut down to size. I mostly stick to dirt roads (not much wheelin') so they stay in place pretty well. If I'm traveling to...
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    Ronny Dahl's Trips

    Yep and yep :cool:
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    The nice part about rusty trucks is you won't feel nearly as bad when they get scratched/dented/beat up off road :D I'd use the 4x4. Yeah, I guess you could convert the other pickup to 4WD but I'd rather spend time outdoors not in a garage ymmv.
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    Project "Autonomous" F-350

    Man, I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend :( That's a pretty clean IDI!
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    Ronny Dahl's Trips

    Big fan as well. Good stuff :cool:
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    Questions about 1988 F350 4WD Crew Cab Long bed IDI 7.3 Diesel with ZF 5 Speed

    I like them.. Certainly one of the most affordable diesel pickups as far as cost of ownership and maintenance goes. The biggest major issue with the 7.3's is cylinder wall cavitation/erosion. Over time they can/will develop pin holes in the cylinder wall if the proper coolant hasn't been used...
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    Storing Tire in Truck Bed

    Stumbled across this today:
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    And then it snowed... I swear it was 90º less than a week ago. Gotta love Utah weather :Wow1::bike_rider:
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    MONGOLIA and SIBERIA 2016 on our Ford Bronco camper

    Great pics and thanks for sharing--that's quite an adventure! Glad to see the camper is working out for you guys. Looking forward to more :cool:
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    89 Ford F350 Weird Issue

    Here's a pic of the sensor location (hopefully your engine is cleaner than mine! lol). I'm holding the old sensor and sorta pointing at the new one. I'm using a $12 Equus gauge that I bought from auto zone six years ago and it's still working great. Simple install and it came with an...
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    Micro adventures of the NW rockies

    Looks like good times. Love the updates thanks for sharing :cool:
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    89 Ford F350 Weird Issue

    Assuming it's the factory gauge.. replace it with an aftermarket unit as soon as you can. The fitting is on the front of the driver side head just in front of the valve cover and 1/4 npt if I remember right. The factory temp gauges in our trucks are notoriously unreliable and inaccurate. X2...
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    Idaho Downed Trees and Montana High Lakes (Lots-o-Pictures)

    Very nice and great pics! The scenery up there is incredible :cool: I tried to reach Goose lake once several years ago.. Towards the end of July and there was still too much snow--didn't even get close :Wow1:
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    CRVAlaska Official Build/Adventure Journal of our 2001 Honda CR-V

    Very cool :cool: I LOVED our 98 CR-V. It was bullet proof.
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    Opinions NEeded: Low Temp Thermostat

    I'd look into upgrading the radiator. If it has a single row oftentimes you can drop in a dual row (oem style replacement) with little modification. Depending on the age/mileage it may be due for a new one anyway.