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    Question about ARB Jack

    I store it Horizontally in its zipper cover with no issues
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    Anyone using Racor garage hoist to store RTT?

    Wow, that price really went up. I bought mine in 2013 for $175. Seems outrageous for 4 pulleys some wire and the metal frame I still have one I use for my daughters RTT. The Racor wasnt strong enough for my Alu-Cab so I bought a motorized system good up to 400 lbs, the AUX-LIFT Just another...
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    Kimberley Kampers new US Rep

    For what its worth, I have been a US Kimberley owner for 10 years. 5 with a Kamper and 5 with a Karavan. I bought the Kamper used and the Karavan direct from Australia. Kimberley HQ In Australia has always answered my e-mail, provided answers and I have even bought parts directly from them...
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    Colorado Built Boreas AT, XT, MXT Teardrop!

    Hey Kowboy, off topic but havent seen you since we wheeled flat nasty in 2008, maybe Cruise Moab the year after. Hope you are doing well. Nice to see you are still alive and kicking :) Now back to the Colorado Built Boreas thread :)
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    Best Sub 100K Trailer available in USA Market (not Black Series)

    I have the Bunk Bed option in my Karavan that sleeps 4. Although I have never used it. This is a stock photo and both upper and lower have extensions, looks like they didnt need it for the lower
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    Fraud Alert!!!

    I had the same person reach out to me about an item. He copied text and pics from an ad in australia, plus he didnt write english very well Sad
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    Wanted Kimberley Kamper

    My daughter wants to buy a Camper (Kamper) and missed my old one by a week when it went back on the market after 5 years. Thought I would see if anyone is contemplating selling theirs
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    Bruder Exp-4 thoughts?

    Just want to clarify that Kimberley are built and assembled in Australia. There are several components they actually source from the US like the solar panels. This was my unit being built in 2015. They well send you build pictures as they assemble your unit. @bomar also got pictures built...
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    Best Sub 100K Trailer available in USA Market (not Black Series)

    Kimberley, built for the outback to last
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    Kimberley Kampers new US Rep

    Click the link in post #1, most of the site is the same as Australia, but his contact info is on the bottom of the page
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    Alu-Cab Has Landed In The USA!

    Got to use my Alu-Cab for several nights in the Utah Desert. Was very happy with it.
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    Kimberley Kampers new US Rep

    For what its worth that was two years ago. @bomar seems happy with the one he picked up a few months ago and another friend @Hants has ordered one. It is most of the same folks with new and better management. When I have questions I still reach out to Adam Noble from the factory and he...
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    Kimberley Kampers new US Rep

    Pictures it didnt happen :)
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    Wife needs indoor accommodations....what is worth buying?

    Kimberley is made in Australia near Brisbane, not Chinese made either