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    M416 spring lift question.

    Nice warmer day here and got to dig the M416 out now that most of the firewood stored in it has been burnt. The SOA routine looks to be remove wheels, disconnect ebrake, unbolt hubs, remove axle, resecure axle under springs, reposition hubs so the Ebrake can be reused, regrease bearings and...
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    M416 spring lift question.

    Thanks, I'm being more convinced about the SOA approach than I was. Much easier as well. Vincent. I like the series roof cap over your M416!
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    M416 spring lift question.

    Seems I should look into SOA more. Nice 110. You using adapters to get the LR wheels mounted?
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    M416 spring lift question.

    Concern about the instability that I read about. Beyond that I haven't dug into it as an option. Presumably I would need new spring perches? Would hate to lose the ebrake feature by flipping the axle over.
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    M416 spring lift question.

    How much arch does the stock M416 spring have? I need to work up a lift for my M416 so it runs level behind my lifted and big tired Defender. Thinking about going with these Rancho's spinges that people posted in another thread. They provide a nice lift...
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    FlashHole's M416 trailer Build

    I have a tailgate as well and dislike the side of the body mounted tail lights, especially with the number plate hanging under the lights. The number plate gets so trashed.... I see what you did but trying to find a solution that allows the number plate to be lit as its meant to be.
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    1998 Aliner Off-Road edition

    Corvette might not like the trailer on those bigger tires
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    My Strange Trailer

    Just get a new axle build for your trailer. Problem solved
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    Ground tent on a raised platform?

    Mark you've done what I've been thinking about doing for years. My M416 is never going to be the same again!
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    2M Antenna Recommendations?

    Daveindenver: the flex antenna is smart to have in woods. But can you explain what you just said to a non techie newbie whose just getting interested in 2m? Thx
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    Maybe the $80,000 Cadillac of Offroad Trailers

    The best off road use for this is the grass at a camp site.
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    M416 trailer wheel adapters and spacers.

    Have dome adapters to 4.5 in stud spacing I'm be selling soon.
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    2M Antenna Recommendations?

    How well would the Larsen type stand up to the abuse it will get from low hanging trees in the New England forests? Or is there a better choice.
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    2M Antenna Recommendations?

    Interested in antenna and wiring suggestions for an old 74 Land Rover with a hard top. All aluminium so no ground plane afaik. The CB aerial is positioned at the rear of the truck using a firestick NGP set up.