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    MTD's 1946 Bantam T3-C Expo Trailer Build

    The top and bows were custom made by Can-Back when the company was still owned by its founder and located in Azusa CA. The company was sold many years ago and relocated to Arizona. I do not know if they are still operational or whether the current owners would do custom work.
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    The Great Camp Chair Debate

    Sierra Expeditions offers free shipping on orders over $99, coupon code "over99". Your shopping cart shows only $79.90. You need to spend another $19.11 to get free shipping.
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    LF - Front Runner flat upright water tank

    Good luck finding a used one. Even new are out of stock.
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    15L drink/lunch fridge freezers appearing

    I have decided that the Dometic CF-18 is the fridge in my future. It fits where I need it to fit with the lid oriented the best way for my purposes. Now all I have to do is find one at a reasonable price. Dometic will sell direct at $569.99 and Quadratec and Northridge 4x4 list them at the...
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    Who has the oldest, still working 12 volt fridge/freezer?

    I have an Engel MT45 won at a raffle in December 2003 and in service since then.
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    GMRS, CB, and AM/FM antennas in close proximity?

    I'm sure that radio experts can come up with a list of legitimate reasons why this should be a last choice, and I'm sure at least one of them can articulate well recognized electronic theory that suggests you will be the victim of a lighting strike the first time you key your microphone. I...
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    Wiring power AND ground for GMRS and CB radios direct to battery?

    I wired the communications in my Xterra exactly as @Billoftt for exactly the same reason. I do not have a similar "variable voltage control system" in my Jeep and wire directly to the battery terminals using a Blue Sea #5024 battery terminal fuse block. That being said, the current draw of...
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    Portable Charcoal Grills

    Herbie is correct. It will take too long to deal with charcoal at a lunch stop and safely disposing of the spent briquettes will likely be impossible. The only charcoal method I can conceive of that could possibly work is one of those disposable charcoal grills from the grocery store, but...
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    Need advice on dual band antenna and mount

    I use Teraflex tail light antenna brackets on my LJ - CB on driver's side and ham on passenger side. The two antennas that consistently give me the best results are my Larsen NMO 2/70B and the shorter Larsen NMO 2/70SH. Ham - Teraflex tail light antenna bracket with Breedlove NMO mount...
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    Wire Size Assistance Requested

    12v underground landscape wire is also commonly 10 gauge, but sometimes 12 gauge. I've used the 10 gauge version for compressor wiring in some vehicles because it is cheap, flexible, with + and - wires bundled together for my installation convenience. If I had a long wire run then 10...
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    Wire Size Assistance Requested

    What is a "legitimate" Expo Guy? If two Expo Guys disagree, does that make one of them illegitimate? ;) BTW - I typically fuse based on wire size (aka conductor capacity)because I was taught by an auto electrician who never even dreamed of leaving the city limits that the proper way to do...
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    What makes a good camp stove?

    The burner mounted under the discada is a GSI Glacier camp stove using a bracket sourced from
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    What makes a good camp stove?

    My cooking requirements are simple: a single burner in the morning for coffee and hot water for cereal, etc. and that single burner plus one other cooking method for the evening which depends on the number of people, whether it is a transitory or more permanent camp, whether I have time to...
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    Fridge size

    I am now focusing my fridge search on the 15-20 c.f. size range. A recent 4,000+ mile overlanding trip in Mexico has convinced me that a small /fridge/freezer in the rear and a day cooler behind the center console within reach of the driver's seat are all I need for cooler space. Anyone have...