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    Composite panels for sale EDIT: sold

    Let us know if you ever have more surplus. . . they look really interesting and at approx 151x67, I'd like to experiment with a panel or two for easy-to-raise pop tops on long wheelbase vans.
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    My trusty 2008 GMC Savana, long wheelbase, 6.6 Duramax, currently 410,000 miles: One a them Maine wintahs, dont ya know. Cleaning off in Lake Charles, Louisiana Most recent van interior setup. This was in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. I've had a number of vans over the years...
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    Trasharoo alternatives

    I've had my GARB from NB Expeditions on my trailer spare, used hard, since May 2018. That's fifteen months and some 33,000 miles of every kind of road and environment and weather one can imagine; from the salty coast of Maine to the Smoky mountains of East Tennessee, from the swamps and bayous...
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    Night Shots of Camp

    Here's a few not of camp, but from camp or where I slept for the night in my van: #CelestialMadman - I'd stay up all night in some places when the light was right. In this case, there was a security light that came on for a bit every three minutes to discourage illegal activity coming up from...
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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Some images from a recent eight month adventure wandering from Maine to the Borderlands of West Texas and back. Gulf of Mexico in January Gulf of Mexico Borderlands Basecamp in April On the way to a mountain pass from near Ft Hancock end of Jan Milky Way rising over the Borderlands...
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    Off-grid and away most of the year. Best way to get hold of me is send an email (under Connect...

    Off-grid and away most of the year. Best way to get hold of me is send an email (under Connect on my website) - not in here.
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    Roaming North America in a 17 foot camper - Newfoundland

    Very cool write-up and reporting on your adventure up there. I've been pondering doing a similar trip, starting in Maine and going up through NB and NS, then over to Newfoundland/Labrador and back down through Quebec, doing parts of the Trans-Taiga and James Bay Road if I can and time/weather...
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    Not way too much info at all! Clever fixes, and your experience as an engineer working on door sealing and environmental seals shows. I'd love to hear more.
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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Not long after I got the trailer but before I added RTT and awning, late summer 2017: Same adventure, testing rock and trailer lights: New Hampshire, Summer 2018: Set up for extended base-camping: Getting my gear ready for the next adventure:
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    For Sale 2015 XVenture XV-2, fully loaded, Nashville, Tennessee, $20,000

    These are awesome trailers. I have a 2017 XV-2 and have hauled it over 10,000 miles around America on extended trips. It's a trailer that'll be around for my kid and grandkid to use and will still look the same. All aluminum, huck-bolted, rugged as all get-out, etc.
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    Charging with Blue Sea inline or not?

    A lot of folding panels, most I dare say, have an inline fuse in the cord before it hits the charge controller, so it wouldn't need to go through a fuse block, but it ain't gonna hurt. Fixed mount panels might be different.
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    Are Alu-Box bear proof ?

    There are three K470s that are listed as "bear resistant" actually; #40810, #40568, and #40678, but it's a great question if those are the only ones submitted. The 40678 is a pretty good-sized box, almost two feet long by over thirteen inches deep, so I can't imagine that it's only small sizes...
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    Are Alu-Box bear proof ?

    Mike, sorry I didn't notice the link to Zarges in your post. I have to say I absolutely love my Zarges cases for food storage. Easily the best containers I've ever used for food, or anything else for that matter. I just bought another one they had on clearance that I'm going to use as field desk...
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    Hanging pocket/storage/camping organizer source?

    There is this, too, the Tailgaterz Hang-n-Haul organizer: I have one, but never used it, going instead for a different way of storing stuff. You can hang it up while in camp, then remove and roll it up with stuff still in it, if you want, to store for next trip. I might dig it out for this...