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    Shovel mount hardware - new ideas?

    Honestly, my shovel is the cheapest thing they could steal off my trailer, and easily replaced from any hardware store. I'm using Quick-Fists. I've got bike locks running through my gas cans, and attached to the trailer. Maybe a bike lock through the handle? Mine would reach if I wanted to...
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    Suggestions requested

    A Marlin 45-70 lever action guide gun is a popular rifle up there. But you're more likely to carry your bear spray with you because of convenience. I'd have both available personally.
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    Show us your Active Off-Road Bumpstops!

    Here's mine. Truck is a 96 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 with a 2" long-leaf add-a-leaf spring lift. I installed the Timbren bump stop thingy four years ago(?). I honestly don't notice it back there (I guess that's a good thing). The truck is no longer my daily driver, and was never used as a work truck.
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    2004 Toyota Sequoia - Building a Family Snow Cruiser

    Excellent. They work awesome - you will be pleased. I was stationed at Ft Carson from 1983 to 1985. They got a lot of snow out there.
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    2004 Toyota Sequoia - Building a Family Snow Cruiser

    Do they make true tracks (a gear driven limited slip) for your vehicle? If so, at least one in the rear. I'm assuming you're open front and rear right now.
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    MaxTrax, are they worth it?

    I think you nailed it with the "All or nothing" comment. "Something" is better than nothing. Having a set of X-Bulls is better than nothing. I've got two pairs of X-Bulls - one for each tire.
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    M416 trailer axle swap, need answers/suggestions

    Make sure you measure the Jeep rim's center hole diameter, and make sure it will fit over the new axle's hub. The factory steel rims might fit; I wouldn't count on the alloy rims fitting over the trailer axle's hub. And here's how you determine how wide an axle to get (hub-face to hub-face)...
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    The airgun thread - lets see where this goes.

    I was in Florida helping my Mom clean out some closets (she's 89; dad's 90 and he's not with-it) and we came across this Daisy BB gun she didn't want. So I took it apart and brought it home. It is this model: It is in excellent shape, and...
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    MaxTrax, are they worth it?

    Did you read any of the posts on this thread? Starting at least on page 4 X-bulls were mentioned. And mentioned a lot. And there's a whole other thread under this same Recovery and Equipment heading titled "Besides MaxTraxx, what traction boards/mats do you use?" that's only four pages long...
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    Simple, affordable, tube frame roof tent design

    This is the tent-cot I have from Cabela's (sorry - the camping companion doesn't come with it). Yes - it has a piece of tube frame running down the middle, so you can't sleep in the middle of it (you've gotta pick a side). I also removed the outer legs as they weren't needed when mounted on...
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    Simple, affordable, tube frame roof tent design

    I actually put a double sized tent cot on my trailer. Tent cot was about $350; custom cover about $450 (but have a template now). Weight is about 50 lbs.
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    Simple, affordable, tube frame roof tent design

    Pretty cool. Is it a fancy tent cot?
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    Besides MaxTraxx, what traction boards/mats do you use?

    They say at the bottom of the page they get some sort of compensation for purchases made. The price for the Xbulls was not bad. I just thought it was interesting the different options out there. And some of their reviews were not positive (might break with first use...).
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    Besides MaxTraxx, what traction boards/mats do you use?

    This popped up on one of my feeds today. Not real in-depth, but mentions some I'd never heard of. (spoiler alert - they liked...
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    Ronny Dahl's Recovery Mat Torture Test

    I totally enjoyed the video. Talk about testing them to the limits! You've got to admit, the MaxTrax seem to be the gold standard when it comes to these recovery boards. If I were going to be overlanding for months on end, those are the ones I'd get. As it is, in reality I'm more of a...