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    Mojave Gladiator - Desert Rated Jeeps

    Sure, you could open up the scoop, but there won't be any advantage.
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    Mojave Gladiator - Desert Rated Jeeps

    Yup. Getting any dealer support on your new vehicle sometimes gets a lot harder, after you make even the slightest modifications.
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    Mojave Gladiator - Desert Rated Jeeps

    Better towing than a ZR2, no more 4:1 transfer case, rear locker in high range, fancy shocks / bump stops. Seems like a solid offering to me. I do wish they had not chosen a fake hood scoop as the way to provide styling differentiation though. I suspect people will stuff mini light bars in there.
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    What can you tell me about the Chevy Avalanche?

    Owners I've talked to seem to be very happy with them. I've heard several say the Avalanche is the best vehicle they have owned. This is purely anecdotal, and not very helpful, so take it for what it's worth.
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    All new GMC Yukon.

    I think it looks fantastic, and I believe buyers will appreciate the additional interior space.
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    Chevy Colorado Z71 CCSB 2.8L

    Congratulations, I hope the truck serves you well. Just curious, why do you call the stock Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure tires "Fortunas?"
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    2021 Tahoe- Interesting but not sold on it

    I think the 2021 is a great update. The increased interior space is excellent. The Z71 provides a nice off road look. I think families that can afford one, will be pretty happy.
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    PSA regarding vehicle service

    Almost every time a mechanic takes a wheel off my vehicle, they either over-torque, or under-torque lug nuts. On two separate occasions, I have had a wheel loosen while driving. When I put the winter tires on my wife's car last month, I almost could not break a wheel bolt free. My weight, on...
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    Opinions Solicited......Another Head Scratching Mid Size Truck Choice Thread

    It's good that there are different options available, because not everyone shares the same opinion on that.
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    Opinions Solicited......Another Head Scratching Mid Size Truck Choice Thread

    I had a 2008 Colorado with a 6ft bed for 6 years. The extended cab worked very well for me the years I owned it. There were numerous times I filled the bed up, but almost never ran out of room. I had to take two trips to pick up a face cord of firewood, but that's about it. I carried people...
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    Opinions Solicited......Another Head Scratching Mid Size Truck Choice Thread

    The OP clearly stated "I want to get preferably an ex cab/king cab, 6 foot bed, 4wd, gasser with auto tranny" and that even the Gladiator is too long to fit in his garage. Crew cab long beds are not what the OP is looking for.
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    Best Overland Channels on YouTube

    Ooh, there are several channels listed here I'm not subscribed to. I'll have to check some of them out.
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    That's usually how those things go. Aftermarket extended range gasoline tanks never seem to exist.
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    Random dog shots