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    Thoughts on No Boundaries

    No harm no foul, His post from early this morning seemed very bot like, and its something I've seen more and more lately on this forum. I do agree that the info posted by others is still useful and it is a thread I would not likely have seen otherwise. 🍻
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    Thoughts on No Boundaries

    i think its funny how bots comment generically on 2 year old posts and then more people jump right in. Oh wait I jumped in too...
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    3 Weeks in Baja – Surfing, SUPing and Dirt Roading

    Following! Baja is a dream trip for me, not a surfer, could maybe learn some day, kinda hard to in Pennsylvania... Also love the truck looking forward to what you have to come videos look top notch
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    International Scout to resurrected as EV's

    I have always loved the scout II, never owned one, if I could build a family beach cruiser/sunday driver a scout II is near the top of my list above the original broncos and blazers. I'd settle for a bronco or blazer only because they seem to be easier to find in salvageable condition. Maybe...
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    Small Toy Hauler?

    Have you looked at the Intech Discover? I'm liking this model currently with its tip out beds. Like that you would have the option to not tip out the bed and use a cot or air mattress as well if in bear country or cold weather camping. I only wish that the current version of it had tandem axles...
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    2017 F-150 build...Everyone meet Walter White

    Forscan is pretty easy in my opinion, I've installed a OEM Ford trailer brake controller and factory remote start in my 2012 F150 and a factory remote start in my father in law's 2014 F150. My understanding is that model year and vehicle model don't change the interface of forscan at all...
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    F150 - 2.7L vs 3.5L vs 5.0L

    Swapped vehicles with my BIL this week for a few days, not excited to hand over the keys to his 22 F150 Tremor and take back my 05 pontiac vibe... The tremor lives up to the hype, I've never driven a raptor but driving the tremor was how I imagine a raptor if only a little less floaty. You feel...
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    1986 GMC S-15

    I should probably wash my truck, its been a few months. Love the updates!
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    Drawers: Metal vs. wood

    What kind of sheet metal thickness could you get away with for an upper skin and still be able to stand on top of the drawer system? 18 ga. sounds pretty thin, would you need to add cross bracing to prevent it from bowing, how often would bracing need to be, every 12" more or less? 1/2" plywood...
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    Drawers: Metal vs. wood

    I really want to build a set of drawers for my F150 as well. I have only really considered wood as the main material to this point but maybe I'll explore metal as a material choice instead. I want to mimic the decked system, two full length storage drawers for general purpose as I use my truck...
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    F150 - 2.7L vs 3.5L vs 5.0L

    I see a handful of people with bad experiences voicing them, even if through multiple posts. I've seen more people post positives about their F150 than people post negatively. Even if they only posted once to say they love their truck. Every manufacturer has lemons/defects, its what the warranty...
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    Does a 230 mile/charge range make you more or less likely to buy a Lighning?

    I would not be interested in the lightening for similar reasons as those listed above. I would be more interested in a commuter car that was all electric, run to work, errands around town and back home to charge each night. The usage of my truck varies greatly from daily commute to hauling...
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    F150 - 2.7L vs 3.5L vs 5.0L

    more data points to throw in the mix: 2012 CrewCab short bed with a cap on the bed and typically about 100lbs of tools in the bed Daily commute I was averaging about 14mpg, I climb about 900ft in elevation over 7 miles to work My fiance has been driving it daily for about 2.5 months now, her...
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    Roaming Lost: 2022 RAM 3500

    Will the saw stay uncovered like that full time? Any worries with rain or dust, road grime? I know chainsaws are made tough but any worries with it bouncing around hanging off the back of the truck?
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    E-bike or motorcycle for secondary vehicle

    @Photobug congrats on the new bike! I try to remember when looking at used bike posting that prices are what the seller thinks the bike is worth. The bikes you see posted haven't sold yet, I reason in my own mind that'd because the price doesn't match the bike, always need to be ready to act on...