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    Does anyone have experience with Dock Outdoors Field Kitchens? (Zarges based chuck box)

    Ive seen these in action in ouray, and out in MOAB and the folks that own them love them. Super well built and built by hand by one dude every time. Hence the price.
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    Walkaround 80 series videos. cool and rare ones only.

    enjoy. 1 HDT turbo diesel Supercharged 80 supercharged clean 80
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    96' LX450/80 series aftermarket seats.

    I had custom cloth seats in my 80 when I got it, I went to corbeaus leather sports and they worked well for about 60K miles, and I finally went full custom. I waivered between scheelamns and cerullo performance. Scheeleman made in germany is always good. BUT cerullos are hand made and stitched...
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    alu cab expediton 3 my fourth and final RTT

    Ive owned 4 RTTs and used them ALL a lot. I travle the country in an 80 series. And in order to pay for the super unleaded the supercharged fze demands I cant sleep in hotels AND pay the gas. So a RTT is key, Ive gone from a CVT to a roofnest to an Authome to finally the alu cab. and its a...
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    100AH Lithium cant handle start up draw

    For my AUX battery I recently went to a reLIon 100AH lithium battery run through a redarc 1225d and after installing this, my ARB twin compressor died after a tad more than a year. seeing as I run 37s and use my rig as intended a lot airing up happens a lot, Also the addition of the Red Winch...
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    WTB: Overland Expo West tickets

    still looking for a 3 day camping ticket hit me on a text 508 7188253 Ill pay right away.
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    expo west 3 day camp ticket

    just had a really strange dealing with someone on this forum that had his "buddy" text me, as well as himself to sell a ticket not sure what was really going on, BUt I pad no prob let other fella know payment was sent, and then other fella Not forum meber and ticket holder told me to Standby...
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    Lithium Stickies?

    Ill lay out the install I just did in my 80 series rear mounted 100AH lipo with low temp charging. coming soon. its all installed running thru a redarc and priority charging through a merlin solar panle. I did not F^%$ about. lots of help from the forums
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    National Luna 60 Twin Refrigerator & Freezer - So Cal

    Hey brother Im heading to expo west and so cal leaving this week if you still have it a week text me 5087188253 Ill stop and grab it Richie
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    WTB: Overland Expo West tickets

    messaged you I need a ticket anyone text me 5087188253 riche
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    Hitting highway in my fzj80 heading to overland expo west 81s to 4 west leaving on the 13th early.

    Hitting highway in my fzj80 heading to overland expo west 81s to 4 west leaving on the 13th early.
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    So I went dual battery but this time AGM in Front Lithium in rear

    So I did it, never even seen it done but spoke to a lot of different guys and went for it. Originally had two AGM up front with a national luna DB system( i was new) now I have a 70AH AGM as starter/winch battery and a 100AH reLion 100AH LT(low temp) in rear in rear drawers I built (yes I do all...
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    running AGM and lithium

    I got my merlin solar panel and lithium battery from these guys, I got the victron bluetooth reader already didnt want to push my luck with ALL new technology.
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    expo west 3 day camp ticket

    Missed the deadline, looking for a 3 day vehicle camping pass. If you have one for sale hit me up please.
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    Post your tents

    For overall build quality? Yes its seriously well made. the autohome was good but not great. it was slow to open and close up.. BUT it was well made also. far and away better than the various chinese made RTTs flooding the market.