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    1999 Freightliner FL60 Camper Phoenix AZ

    whats goin on with the white cabover?
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    Looking for Helinox knockoff, 2 lbs or less for HIKING

    i use a travel chair joey, i like the size and an american company to deal with.
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    flip-back build

    that commuter is great, pair it with the hand grinder and roast beans yourself on the campfire or stove,,,, man, you talka good cup o joe. i got the setup put together for moto camping since i spoilt myself with truck camping.
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    Question: Cooking with cast iron

    some of you are flirting around understanding seasoning,,, proper season is a carbonizing of the oil, not the oil itself and once done it is very difficult to remove. eccessive soap and eccessive scrubing can do some damage, but ive never seen soap and a dish scrubber remove season. if you read...
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    better fabric-design for flippac????

    dont know about a material change,,, i think its 2 yrs old,,, maybe 3
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    better fabric-design for flippac????

    its been seam sealed,,, it drips from the material, and btw slo doesnt say its waterproof, only water resistent. maybe i just wore it out using it too much ive had $100 tents that didnt leak. i figure since i wont make it worse i might have a go at silicone dipping it.
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    better fabric-design for flippac????

    i would say to everyone save the $400+ on a leaky non waterproof slo sails fly and just get in on wanderer if its really waterproof.
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    FRP Flip-Pac for small truck FOR SALE

    i realize its sold 1, he has them posted in a few different threads 2, i guess if you post some tires for sale you wont mind if i throw my tires up for sale on your add? and most important is number three,,, this isnt even the for sale thread, its a discussion thread and i'm kinda surprised...
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    FRP Flip-Pac for small truck FOR SALE

    why dont ya post a for sale add instead of trolling every one elses posts.
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    I bought the wrong bike

    i'm confused. maybe the odd guy in a garage but not companies
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    XP Camper V1 For Sale

    the for sale section is down at the bottom
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    Scott Brady is killing me!

    a friend is out riding his cross country and says its absolutely brilliant,,, of course there are already 3 used ones for sale,, so who knows.
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    AT Tacoma Habitat: Official Thread

    thanks! though i cant lay claim to inventing anything as its all made from over the counter parts
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    Less Expo, more fun? Questions on a bike (ATK 250cc)

    had an ATK 605 that i absolutely loved,, due mostly to the lack of a REAL long range fuel option i decided to sell it as i was thinning the heard down to just one bike. anywho, like most older bikes parts can be harder to scource, and like anything that was sold in smaller numbers its even...