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    Soft shell that can fit bedding when closed?

    I leave a sleeping bag ( 0 Deg C) and pillow in my Tepui Ayer. No issues, little more work to close than with my summer bag but no big deal, You need a bit of down pressure a the corner's and back when you zip the cover down. The tent in on top of LR Discovery II.
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    How do I heat a RTT? (Plus a mild review of FSR High Country Premium 80”)

    I have a Tepui Ayer which is small clamshell tent (2 very friendly people), and if gets warm with just me inside. The trick is to open the windows to find a balance, on mine the windows roll down which makes it easy to find the sweet spot. I also use a USB powered fan in one window to push air...
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    Disco II TD5 Weekend Rig "Dexter" - My Overlanding Build from New Zealand

    @mobydick 11 no do not buy it, unless you are really mechanically minded. A bunch of lights could be simple, ABS systems or could be a big problem. Before buying any Disco 2 you need a code reader and to know if it ever overheated In Canada a decent D2 will run 4000-5000 any thing under may...
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    campsite pics..lets see um

    We ran out of day light and road, old dead end logging road August 2020
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    The easy but close to the edge, way up as vs to driving through the big hole to my right and other Disco same place below
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    Fuel on roof. Fore or aft?

    @alanymarce the point below is very good, when it get hot up here at lunch I pop the gas can out and vent it, then do that same at dinner. I usually only have to do it the 1st day. Being up in British Columbia, and on the coast we do not get that many days a year that it is a problem.
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    Fuel on roof. Fore or aft?

    @alanymarce, The fumes are only an issue if you have a leaky can and no sense of smell. Now I know it depends on your vehicle but I am pretty sure it would take a hell of lot of gas on a hot day to reach a dangerous concentration, as in ignitable. Both the Canada Safety council and the fire...
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    Some RTT Questions

    @Renegade Camping You could try a little USB powered fan at night aimed out a window up high, you need the one across open too. That will get some airflow and should help. When I slept in my truck I had one aimed out the sunroof with my windows down about 50% -10C and that kept most of the...
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    Some RTT Questions

    @Renegade Camping avoid the little buddy for drying it will add some moisture. If you can use one of those little electric ceramic heaters that would be better, put it near the door on a piece of plywood with the door and far window open. I find they heat up the inside pretty quick and fan...
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    Roof Top Tent (RTT) Questions

    @Randun It really is a personal thing, I slept in a ground tent for a couple of years but trying to find clear space, and sometimes dryish to pitch the tent got tired fast. I then slept inside for about 8 years, but as my trips got longer that was always work juggling gear to sleep. Last year...
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    Something Completely Different : BC 2020

    That looks like a great trip so far !
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    Charging system gurus, On board welder help - Land Rover

    @badfysh You can get the voltage via Torque (or similar app for Iphones) and a bluetooth ODB reader
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    Something Completely Different : BC 2020

    Brilliant, best of all in BC you can go a lot of places with that setup
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    Disco 2 skinny 16" wheels - calling all wheel guru's

    I do not think the studs will pass through or the lug nuts will fit those rims. Disco stuff is pretty stout. Options are pretty limited for Disco II's, there was a steel wheel option but it is very rare, the UK would be your best be to find a set. I found a few by search Discovery II 16 x7...
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    Is buying a Discovery II a bad idea?

    They stop fine ,but the brakes for some reason are a ********** to bleed. If you do not get it right you get a mushy pedal, mind getting on a hill and engaging hill descent seems to firm things right up. In mine at least