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    Missed out on an LR3, now I have the bug. LR3 vs. LR4

    I have a D2, but we have several L3's and one regular LR4 that come out. Neither has had any issues, the one LR3 is largely stock other than tires, the LR4 is built bumper, roof rack etc. From what I have seen there is not much to difference in capability, and they both trundle along with a...
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    Sad End to This Cautionary Tale, As Folks Start to Head Back Out Into the Wilds, Pls Be Careful

    I have not much to say other than people from other parts of the world literally have no idea of the distances and number of truly isolated area's in North America, in reference to the Germans. Even many North American's from large urban centers often have no idea how fast cell coverage...
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    MAXTRAX Extremes fail in the snow

    Not surprised you had issues in the snow, depending on the temp and kind snow I would expect that to happen. They are plastic and that tends to move well on snow that is dry, cold and light. Heavier wet snow will tend "grab" better making it more likely to give you the traction you want.
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    Anyone removed an anti-condensation mat?

    @dstock pretty much nailed it if you have hi humidity you will want to keep it. In BC myself, other than a few months in the summer I got a bit of moisture just too much wet to avoid it. The anti condensation mat made all the difference no condensation any more. But I do sleep with the roof...
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    Staying safe / spooky stories

    @Rachel821 Odd feelings about places just happen, at the risk of great laughter directed at me :). I very clearly remember a beautiful sunlit clearing, that just for lack better words creeped me out in a big way. Enough so that I avoided it on my return trip, it has always stuck with me...
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    Staying safe / spooky stories

    @AbleGuy reading about the "Hiway of Tears" and understanding all the underlying factors would require reading through 7 different RCMP investigations, countless committee hearings that have taken place over nearly 3 decades. But to put it in perspective the low count is 18 since the 1970's...
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    Staying safe / spooky stories

    I think the common thread here is population, the more people the more likely to have an issue. Simple example Harrison lake here in BC it beautiful good forest service roads up both sides and plentiful camping both in camp sites and just of the side of the side road. But I completely avoid it...
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    Onboard Spare parts when off-roading/overlanding with an LR4 / Discovery 4

    @Marine_Diesel You have lots to start with here, and while stuff happens if you keep your maintenance up and do a good pre-trip inspections you should be fine in most cases. Things break but you can never cover every eventuality, but try checking a few of the LR4 enthusiast boards for more...
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    Onboard Spare parts when off-roading/overlanding with an LR4 / Discovery 4

    A bit of humor for the thread D2 spares loaded - transmission is in front of the engine.
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    Last resort fire starter?

    Dry cedar kindling from cheap wedges, a bit of paper, water proof matches in a zip lock to keep it all dry. A good splitting axe helps too, to split stuff down to "dry" insides Keep it under cover while it gets going and you are fine
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    Onboard Spare parts when off-roading/overlanding with an LR4 / Discovery 4

    Brake light switch & bulbs for certain it is a small cheap part that can cause weird stuff to happen. Belts always And from practical experience driving with LR4's good A/T tires, and a full sized spare. We had one fellow blow 2 full sized spares and 2 idiot spares, there was a lot to tire...
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    How/What do you have your RTT mounted on your vehicle??

    Wrong question, what is the roof loading of your jeep, then the rest follows. The rack loading only matter if your roof can take i. Most vehicles have about 100 to 160 dynamic load. The load includes your rack, tent any anything else you put up there, static is "usually" 2 to 3 times dynamic.
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    Charging SLA 12v /55Ah Battery from the Alternator

    Thanks for help I think I have this sorted out A VSR isolator to deal with the charging and protecting the main A 150 Amp breaker to protect the main And the disconnects and I should be good I have a old UPS battery I can use as test battery for the setup
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    Charging SLA 12v /55Ah Battery from the Alternator

    Thanks @Buddha. and @DaveInDenver I forgot to add in the battery specs, it is basically the type of battery used in UPS, battery powered backup lighting systems, I will need to make sure I control the amps, for that battery about 15 is max that part I have sorted out although as I understand it...
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    Charging SLA 12v /55Ah Battery from the Alternator

    Exactly as the says title Charging SLA 12v /55Ah Battery from the Alternator. My electrical needs are very small , but I spend a lot of time in the spring and fall out about. Solar is not really a good option in SW British Columbia, during those times. Use is for a couple of Led lights and...