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    Aftermarket thermostat and Engine Temps.

    Your dash gauge will never move past normal until you are actually overheating - most "modern vehicles" are like that. If I follow correctly you changed the housing and thermostat, I would suspect the thermostat. D2 guys have run into this a lot in the last year units sold as 180F actually...
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    Suggestions requested

    No packing guns in national or provincial parks - it needs to stay locked up. As to bears in general, in BC. They are not really that much of a threat, your biggest issue will be human habituated garbage/camp ground bears. These are not generally an issue in big provincial/national camp...
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    How much do you cram into your roof?

    Very little or nothing, but I am alone so it is easier. I would suggest you limit the weight and height of anything you put up there. Start pretty simple, when I put stuff on the roof it is stuff I do not expect to use : Spare parts Emergency food box (stuff I would need in the event the...
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    Expedition BC's 2019 Roam Wild group trip

    Great trip report. I have gone back through that almost every year in the last 7 myself, it is a beautiful area to travel with huge number of routes and almost always something new to see.
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Out with the Roverlanders of BC end of December
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    Buying a used Discovery in 2020

    I looked at both an LR3 and D2, and ended up with a D2. It had 240000 Km on it and was reasonably well looked after. The biggest issue is the engine, the same basic engine as a D1/RRC but bored out and set to run hot for emissions. It is honestly my only concern, everything else has been...
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    What do you use for a truck gun?

    I would add the below, although it may be self evident useful, for a variety of tasks Which why I have a short barreled pump shotgun works for predator defense, as well if need be hunting just by changing ammo. It is good multi purpose tool. I understand the whole handgun thing but outside...
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    Don't go out alone - and bring your recovery gear.

    @DieselRanger good to know about the tree cover
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    Don't go out alone - and bring your recovery gear.

    Will just add a comment to PLB's call and confirm they will in fact work where you travel and what limitations there maybe. In my discussions with Garmin, there a lot of places in the Pacific Northwest they could be marginal, deep heavily wooded valleys that limit the sky view and usability...
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    Don't go out alone - and bring your recovery gear.

    That is thick ice, must been a lot of work to break it down so you could get free.
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    Long road to nowhere.

    Heading west along the Fraser River, towards the Big Bar ferry
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    Just purchased a LR4 w/ 60K miles, now what?

    @MrWiggles, tires if you are in the Rockies or the Pacific Northwest as noted by @mpinco there can be a lot of sharp rock. You want some sidewall height and a good solid tire. I run Cooper St Maxx load range E on my Discovery currently, and on an R50 Pathfinder previously. I have not holed a...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Sorry I was off bouncing around, another part of BC. Those images were taken on Stave Lake road East just North of Mission BC.
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    On top of China head Mtn BC, about 6670 feet with the Roverlanders of BC
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Out for a short run this week end - 20 minutes of pavement a couple of hours of gravel