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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    That's a great one as it is.
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Some additional views (featuring Prospeed and Front Runner Accessories added) Most certainly appreciate the look and ruggedness of the Prospeed Rock & Tree Sliders over what were the OEM LR side steps! Note: in the photo above, the Prospeed ABS step inserts have yet to be installed as they...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Newly acquired and coming together with some Prospeed and Frontrunner outfitting done thus far, now awaiting to install the slider step inserts along with Prospeed's new Hidden Winch and Bull/Lamp Bar. Sorry, this photo is not as becoming as the vehicle is shown at access/entry height. Looks...
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    New MANTEC Product for Discovery/LR 3/4 - Overhead Storage

    Similar concept to the Mantec, I opted to go with the Xanadoo XBB Upper Boot Basket for my soft goods storage like the one shown below from Overland Adventure Products in the UK.
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    LR4 Hidden Winch: HF DIY Install

    Morris, Thanks, I'll chase those locations down. Still waiting on my hidden winch tray to arrive but starting to plan the entire installation. Thanks.
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    LR4 Hidden Winch: HF DIY Install

    Bama, et al, I realize this is a dated thread (2016) but thought I post my questions here as a follow along; 1) can you explain how you made your penetrations into the enclosed LR3/4 battery box for the winch power cable(s) in order to maintain its water penetration resistance and possibly...
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    BFG T/A KO2 in 275/55/20 on LR4

    Since your post in June, How have those KO2 275/55/R20's worked out for you. Are you still stock in terms of frame horns, inner fender liners, etc?
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    Discovery 3 (LR3) and Discovery 4 (LR4) Registry

    Neither, the photo to the left is my 05' LR3 which I had for 13 years and sold to my brother, the photo to the right is my new to me 16' LR4 which is the one I'm outfitting now.
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    Frontrunner swing away

    As installed; now just a matter of my waiting on replacement self-lubricating bronze flange bearing/bushings for the pivot arm to bottom mount I'm having a machine shop cut then I'll swap them out with the plastic ones (shown in photo 2) supplied by FR with the carrier.
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    Want to Buy: Rasta Swing Away Spare Tire Mount/Carrier

    Seeking to locate and purchase a Rasta Swing Away Spare Tire Carrier/Mount for a Discovery 3/4. Please contact me if you have or know of one for sale, new or used. Note: apparently the Israeli-based Rasta 4x4 (Rasta Technologies) is either no longer in business or not manufacturing the...
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    Frontrunner swing away

    Installing the FrontRunner RBLD007 Spare Wheel carrier on my LR4 as I write this and am 95% completed after 1-1/2 days. Its a fairly simple and straight-forward procedure that can for the most part be done by one person. My observations; In terms of the installation itself, the biggest...
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    Bruder EXP-6

    agree, but then there is this option also which we like
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    Bruder EXP-6
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    Discovery 3 (LR3) and Discovery 4 (LR4) Registry

    staying with the OE 20's wheel set and paired with some Nitto G2's 265/50/R20s I had installed today. not sure what you're asking as to the rubbing strip?
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    LR OEM Accessory: A-Frame Front Bumper Guard VPLAP0022

    Sorry, lengthy answer/response... Yeah, I realize that ⇈ but in terms of holding up over time I did have one on my '05 LR3 with the LR Driving Lamps mounted inside of the A-Frame Bumper Guard to which held up well during my 13 years of ownership (and continues to do so with the new owner, my...