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    SOLD! Thanks! 2015 Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon W/Ursa Minor/Goosegear camp kitchen 45,000 miles (48k$) Mesa,AZ

    What happened to the dealer offer for over 50? I really wanted this one but ended up with a 12.
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    Sold GOBI roof rack for JKU 1750 OBO sold

    Does this require any drilling? Or does it bolt right on? Does anything bolt to the rear bumper?
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    JKU platform help

    very good points. With the exo style ones what does it take to remove the hardtop? The whole skeleton have to be removed?
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    JKU platform help

    Copy. The weight rating on that is like 265. So how does that compute for the weight of the RTT and people etc?
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    JKU platform help

    Just picked up a JKU. Trying to wrap my head around a platform to hold an RTT and a 270 awning. I assume the hard top needs some interaction with the roll bar or something to handle the weight of the platform RTT awning and humans sleeping etc. Just looking for some education on mounting...
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    Up she goes
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    Sold: 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon- Off Road/Overland Ready

    Much better. Way easier to see. What awning is that? Also the propane is it assigned to a stove at all?
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    2018 Long Travel Supercharged Tundra "Pre-Lander" Build

    they always are. I would buy it... just shy by 30k though lol. Best of luck
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    thanks man but looking for a 3.6.
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    Sold: 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon- Off Road/Overland Ready

    Can you post some pictures of it not in a fisheye camera, just take some regular photos, may help
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    Still Looking
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    Want to buy Jeep JKU that is overland ready / partially overland ready

    Miles double what I am looking for, or I would have bought it
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    2015 rubicon (Ursa Minor equipped)

    I wasn’t offering 30k I was stating my budget. Anywho, when I asked about the slider I was talking about the fridge slider. Thanks for the info. Have a blessed day and good luck with your sale