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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Beautiful! If I ever visit the right coast it'll be Autumn.
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    Toyo MT 285/75r17 34x11.5

    Pretty darn close but I bet one's quieter.:) I've been running 35-12.50-17 AT2's on my Ram 2500 for years.I'm going back to the 285-75-17 AT3's soon.
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    7.3 question

    Do you drive cross country? That's a lot of seat time.
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    Full Size Dodge Thread

    Excellent! Quite the mountain goat I'll bet. I love those! I had a 2nd gen longbed 2500. Still the best styled Ram believe. I have an '07 now.
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    Full Size Dodge Thread

    Clean,clean,clean. Shortbed?
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    Tire Talk: Load Range vs Load Index

    With that camper and truck 18's and some Method NV HD rims would be ideal. Nitto offers load range F. You're going to feels squirm with 17's. My buddy has an '05 2500 with beefed suspension,King 2.5's swaybars,airbags etc. AEV rims with Toyo 35-12.50-17's MT's and hates them when carrying his...
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    New Build – good or bad?

    The 7.3 will do it. The 6.4 will be reving it's head off climbing up mountains at elevation. The Hallmark will be 2800# by the time it's wet+4 occupants. Aisin,6.7 and regeared if you go with 37's. I found the early Thuren coils to be too soft even for my standard cab and 2300# wet Northstar...
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    Cooper S/T Maxx vs Toyo A/T 3

    Good price.
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    Which EV would you buy?

    Come to California. Saving the world one electric vehicle and charger at a time.
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    Cooper S/T Maxx vs Toyo A/T 3

    Yeah,but for whatever reason it's 7# lighter now than the AT2. My AT2's are 72#. The AT3's are 65#.
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    Truck Bed Size?

    QCLB 3500. It'll enable a flush camper back and handle the weight fine. Most of the weight will be in front of the rear axle. Should you decide in the future to get a hard sided camper you'll have the capacity. Consult with Thuren about your plans to get the popup. The Northstar's and others are...
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    BFG KM2 problems

    I met a guy once who wears them down "'till they pops". Same type of guy you see rocking on the freeway with ancient shocks.