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    Tundra vs F150

    So I read up to page 2 and the Ford vs Toyota thread had already digressed to the gas vs diesel debate. I then skipped forward THIRTY pages and it’s STILL gas vs diesel. Neato. My $.02 is this: drive what makes you happy. Life is short. I’m currently owning 2 gas and 1 diesel. The gas...
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    Latest Photo?

    Spotted today at the warehouse facility I use at the CDN/USA border:
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    Latest Photo?

    No need to apologize amigo. I was just pokin’ fun. Nice looking Tundra!
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    Latest Photo?

    That’s a funny looking Land Cruiser. Reminds me of a Tundra for some reason. Must be the new and anticipated 201 series pickup?
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    Perfect off-highway tire = LTX? What?

    Word! These may not work on every vehicle, and in every condition, but having a 100 or 200 really helps you get away with things you shouldn’t be able too. It’s a bit like cheating. I may not be far behind in the leaving the MTs behind on my truck. That said, the LC and 4Runner do both still...
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    What do you use for a truck gun?

    One of the old timers on Henry Rifle Forum has 2 or 3 of the Shockwaves and says he loves them (obviously he must with 3). I don’t have much use for a shotgun like that, but apparently there is a market for them.
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    My new camper and truck ready for gnarly dirt roads

    Unfortunately they are everywhere. You can’t legislate common sense. I saw somebody pulling a 35’ 5th wheel with a mid 80s short box 1/2 ton not long ago. He was heading for a VERY long steep downhill. I got out of the area pronto!
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    Changing my truck camper from slide in to flatbed...

    You can probably find a rotten 6 pack camper for cheap to salvage matching siding from. You could build your boxes out of plywood, and just screw and glue to the under/side of the camper. The construction part is simple, the making it look good part will take more effort.
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    Researching motorcycle lift/carrier for an OEV.

    I drove across the border behind a Fuso with a bike on cantilevered hitch type carrier last night. How it was still there I don’t know. It was flopping all over the place and tilted back about 10-15*. I would not have wanted to be behind them on a bouncy road! Torklift makes amazing products.
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    What do you use for a truck gun?

    You could probably get a mares leg underneath your clothes if you wore the right outfit.
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    Load E Tires

    Make sure you let us know how long they last for you. Mine (on a 12 valve 3500 dually) were worn down to where there was nothing left in the center part of the tread within 15,000 miles. I was around 11,000 lbs as well. What size did you get?
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    What do you use for a truck gun?

    Luckily I don’t feel the need to pack for a trip to the grocery store. If I’m in my truck around town, I don’t bring a gun. There’s no need. As I said in my post, my truck gun is not for 2 legged predators.
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    What do you use for a truck gun?

    Yeah, I’m also a big lever fan. If you haven’t looked at a Henry before, you should check them out. My .357 Big Boy Steel Carbine is smooth like butter, and super accurate. It’s my favorite long gun of all time.
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    Post Pics of Your Hard Side Camper!

    Nice! Show us some interior pics? What does it weigh? You need to get rid of the big Ford sticker before your Dodge takes offence!
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    Laws Regarding Aggressive Animals

    That’s a loaded question!:oops: I expect that I’ve said my piece, and you guys can continue without me. And for the record, I wasn’t trying to disrespect anyone or their opinion. I was only trying to point out the sheer number of variables make it an almost pointless thread. Much like...