Colorado Springs, Colorado
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16 4Runner SR5


2016 T4R SR5: Ironman FCP w/ Performance Springs l RAV4 Mirrors l TSO Pro Grill l TSO INCOG Front Bumper l Raptor Lights l 255/80 Falken WildPeak AT3W l CaliRaisedLED Ditch Light Brackets l Avid Sliders l Custom Drawers l R1 Concepts Rotors/Pads
5th Gen Build
1996 T4R Limited: E-Locked l 285 KO2's l Toytec BOSS w Superflex l Spidertrax l SS Panhard l Ultra Gauge l AIRAID MIT l Drifter CB Mount l AOF Sliders l Weathertech's l Rear Diff Breather l Hilux 167 Snorke lCobra 19DXIV l Ditch Lights l Relentless Fab Predator Front Bumper l Superwinch Tiger Shark l PIAA 530's l Paranoid Fab Din Switch



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