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    New to APRS or new APRS gear?

    Yes, that's the last time I had it all powered up.:sombrero: Next Thursday I'll have it all hooked up again for the road trip.

    New to APRS or new APRS gear?

    Hey all! With my other Jeep/Overland group forums I play "Where's REDONE?" whenever I take a trip. Part of this is to introduce others to the magic that is APRS by following along on, but it's also a chance for others to try out their APRS setup if they (or their gear) are new before...

    What do you use for a truck gun?

    Ditto, then telling the world about it here. Hey criminals! Looking for a free :ar15: ? Just rummage through any lifted 4x4 and it might be your lucky day!

    Ford releases teaser pic of 2020 Bronco.

    Yeah, I don't buy it. It looks too much like a Wranger with round fenders under a tarp, way too reminiscent of the April Fools from last year. The shadowed red car in the article is a concept drawing of the new Edge, I've seen it in a couple of places already. I really want someone to...

    Planning a trip

    I'm surprised you found a new vehicle, even a Wrangler, that doesn't have built in navigation. Even when you don't pay for all the Uconnect stuff, it should blutooth to your phone and work with your google maps. Don't get me wrong, it drives me nuts hearing computer lady blurt out orders like...

    Show me Springbar Tent pron!

    Huge thanks to everyone that shared pics! I'm dragging my family all the way over to SLC in two weeks to go straight to the store and check them out in real life. I will be coming back with a tent! If that's not "inspired" I don't know what is. Thanks again ya'll!:smiley_drive:

    Ditching my RTT; Need ideas on Camp Set-ups - Post Pics!

    If you think he's wasting your time, why did you post instead of moving along? I had the same issue as him I'm sure. Google images brings up manufacturer stock images and then thousands of unrelated images that have a "tag" related to the search even though the image itself isn't. Like my...

    Purchase opinions for son's first car

    Yeah, that's where my head went in my first post there. My deal with my parents was they'd match whatever I saved for a car but I had to pay the difference on their insurance, which I still think was both generous and smart. Teaches me the lessons of fiscal responsibility, while still providing...

    Ditching my RTT; Need ideas on Camp Set-ups - Post Pics!

    Sorry I can't help you with pics, but I recently posted a thread asking for springbar tents set up and got a few responses. Here's that thread:! I also have researched the two tents you're looking at in depth! I went...
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    Do you own a JEEP?

    Once again, no love for the SJ.:( <<<EDIT just to make sure everyone knows this is just ribbing. I know that anyone who carries gearsets carries them for D44s.:smiley_drive:
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    Purchase opinions for son's first car

    Depending on how you feel about YOUR SON, that is a good vehicle for a first car for the one who will be driving it. My thoughts are that my kids first car (She's only 2 now, so we'll see how the future plays out) will be huge, slow, and inefficient, like a full size pickup with full time 4x4...
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    Spontaneous combustion of 2008 Tacoma TRD Sport

    I agree entirely. At first I was going to ask if there was a sulfurous smell indicating a battery explosion as a precursor, but really it sounds like the supply fuel line broke off or came undone dumping raw fuel on hot exhaust components. If the ignition key was still in the "on/run" position...
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    "Get the lead out"

    They used to say the same thing about leaded gasoline. I like it and I hope it succeeds. May not make me popular, but there is no amount of lead that's good for biology. Hopefully we find a better alternative to lithium for batteries soon too.
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    Ok, school me on coms

    Dave is kicking out some awesome info (as an Elmer it's to be expected). My $0.02 to add, I got the year older edition of the ARRL operators HANDBOOK at half price by going into the actual "ham radio outlet" store (the physical stores for Everyone I talked to agreed that the info...
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    Tire Recommendations for wide temperature ranges

    I can't speak for Lucky, but I lived in WA when the duratrac was introduced. It was pushed really hard by Les Schwab and a lot of fleet vehicles that ran Toyo M55s switched to the Duratrac because is has a similar tread profile and was brought to market cheap. In commercial use, the Toyo M55 is...