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    I see the G90's mentioned and have to reply. I had one on the spare wheel when I got the 110. I fitted it while sorting out a bead leak...
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    Defenders are never going to be an easy drive (much better with a bit of weight in them) mine is an ex military which came with no sound...
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    I have a set in my backyard, taken of my defender 110, replaced with Toyo Open Country 255/85 R16. The 7.5 16 XZL were much louder, far...
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    New footwells, outriggers and paint, courtesy of YRM metal solutions (excellent parts, good fit and well made) A much cleaner gearbox...
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    Been a while, can't believe I've still got this old bus, especially after blowing the head gasket etc etc. A quick run through of the...
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