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    Building 1997 Toyota T100 4x4 into my adventure rig

    Love the now classic look of these trucks. Good luck on the build
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    And it starts, new trailer build

    Nice bit of progress. Keep it up
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    285/70R17 or similar "33 inch" pure winter tire

    Step down a side if needed. Pure winter tires are miles better than every winter rated AT I have ever tried (BFG's, Wildpeaks, duratracs, old Toyo AT's). I have a AT on my trucks but always have a daily driver that is usually a RWD BMW and it is always amazing the difference in traction between...
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    2013 EarthRoamer on RVTrader

    So cool, thanks for posting these.
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    What do you use for a truck gun?

    SBR'd Ak for a truck gun is pretty sweet! Nice looking rifle there!
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    2021 RAM 3500 Tradesman | AEV Prospector | FWC Grandby

    Awesome work and thanks for documenting everything so well. AEV is a premium product and worth spending a premium on. I will never forget looking over the high fender and truck conversion on a TJ Brute. Just the most amazingly detailed work and as close as it gets to factory.
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    72 IH + ‘85 Alaskan = Questionable Judgment...

    Love the build! You and Harry are getting closer and closer. Cannot wait to see this rig in the sun.
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    2007 Grand Cherokee pick up

    I want to hate it, but somehow this is cool as heck. I can only imagine what this will look like in ten years though. Haha
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    20' Tow Strap on sale

    Thanks for the post. Great strap for UTV's, light duty use, and perfect for those times you have to flat tow a car. If this strap gets run over or if it gets drug under a tire it really doesn't matter. Totally worth picking up even if it is on the lighter side.
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    EGR/DPF-to delete or not to delete

    Pull up a lawn chair and sit two feet from a deleted truck. There is no such thing as a "clean" tune. Sure, there are some that are better than others but there are zero that are even slightly comparable to a vehicle with emissions equipment intact. You are 100% correct that it isn't black and...
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    EGR/DPF-to delete or not to delete

    You are totally right. Emitting 15x more nox into the air is totally worth a 25% increase in fuel economy in a best case scenario. I am also sure that all the people that are making these rules, while having every rep from every automotive manufacturer screaming no, didn't think about the...
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    EGR/DPF-to delete or not to delete

    There is no mechanical reason not to delete except for the 50% chance that the tuner is not capable of creating a compotent tune. You will also be a complete **********. The irony of the overlandimg community that loves the outdoors but cannot be bothered to protect it. "It will cost a fortune to...
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    How about a "Zoom Room"???

    That looks horrible. Tiny roof top coffin.
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    And then they are just selling them for cash. Our oxygen patients are doing this and then a power outage hits and they call us for help. They can all piss off. Freaking unreal how people act in this world. Why not give it back to the power company so they can give it to someone that will use it?