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    Nissan Photos - post your's

    Got some sliders on my X over the weekend:
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    2010 Nissan Xterra Off Road SOLD

    Good luck with the sale man. This is a great price.
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    My 03 Xterra XE expo build

    As of right now, none. I have an idler Arm brace ready to go in, I've just not installed it yet. When my centerline eventually goes out, I'll probably replace it with a grassroots center link. I also need to order the HD tie rod adjusters.
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    now this interesting, Lifetime Products 55 QUART HIGH PERFORMANCE COOLER

    I bought mine in mid September of last year, but have only used it once. They're $100 brand new, so if the price is good, what do you have to lose?
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    2006 Xterra OR project. Phase Two

    I'd just be happy if I could read my gauges at dawn/dusk. I think I'm getting to the point we're a full led bulb conversion is in order. I'm loving your build though. It's been fun to watch, and I can't wait to see the finished product.
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    2006 Xterra OR project. Phase Two

    So many colors! I dig it though!
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    my experience with GMRS so far

    I actually did the remote mount, and a dash mounted jack for the mic. I used shielded cat6, and mounted the unit underneath the center console in my Xterra. I goofed on where to drill the hole, and had to move it over, but I'm still happy with the result.
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    Sequoia lifted w/tires and wheels!

    I dig the rotopax/maxtrax mount. That's a good use of 8020.
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    2006 Xterra OR project. Phase Two

    Ahh. Yeah, it looked like a cable on my phone, but I can clearly see it's not when looking on my tablet. 🤣
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    2006 Xterra OR project. Phase Two

    What on earth is that wire coming out of the column? Do elaborate....
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    My 03 Xterra XE expo build

    I could do a lot to the X if I had just 20 Benjamin's laying around. ☺️
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    My 03 Xterra XE expo build

    LOL. George Washington is on the $1 bill. SAS isn't on my radar, at least not right now. For what I'm doing with the X, its totally overkill. That's doesn't mean I won't change my mind later though. I should have my colorado fixed up this weekend, so I can finally start building some stuff...
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    2006 Xterra OR project. Phase Two

    Nice man! I'm looking forward to following the progress. I'm fixing the abs in my Colorado next week, then I can get started with the build on my 03 X.
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    2006 Xterra OR project. Phase Two

    Looking good!
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    Android tablet recommendation

    I picked up a Lenovo tab4 8 plus off ebay for 80 bucks. Works great. I basically use it as the stereo in my xterra, and just plug it into the aux input in the head unit via a double male 3.5mm cable. Runs Gaia great, and also interfaces with my obd2 dongle via Bluetooth.