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    Li-NMC battery or LiFePo4 battery, which is better?

    It depends. If you can get by with the more limited charge rate and discharge rate LiFePO4 is a great battery. I have a 54 A-h in a portable power box. The self discharge rate is almost nothing, it can handle only about 10 amp charge rate and perhaps 50 amps discharge rate. For me it was the...
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    New Fed EX delivery van.

    Interesting! My USPS, and UPS drivers tell me they have no A/C and thats in SW AZ(!) and in NH. All of them say the heater is really non-existent too. If they use no electric power when stopped and travel at low speed most of the time I would have thought their energy use would have been like a...
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    Longterm review of the 3rd Gen 4Runner

    I bought my daughter’s 2002 3rd gen. with 170K miles, 3.4 stock with auto, leather, moon roof and running boards. It now has 245K, the running boards are gone as are the origional bumpers from rust. The rest is rust free and it resides in the AZ desert now so it is safe- rust wise. I replaced...
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    Truth about Lead Acid Battery Capacity

    Good reply. I prefer to test (seldom) with a SOC meter (which have become much cheaper recently) as voltage to SOC is non-linear. I have used the Sam’s Club Deka/East Penn FLA’s with great satisfaction over 5-8 years service and minimal capacity loss. Unfortunately for reporting here I gave the...
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    recap: Mods I wouldn`t do again for overlanding

    The bumper and winch can be an issue. My front bumper and winch were carefully weighed and the removed origional parts subtracted. Winch rope saves almost 20#. The changover added 100# I added new front springs w/new shocks to compensate and lift a bit. I also lost 35# myself, does that get...
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    recap: Mods I wouldn`t do again for overlanding

    Thanks for this. My desert overland vehicle is a 2002 4Runner, front and rear bumpers and a synthetic rope winch. Sleeping platform inside. One size up on tires and 2” lift. I have the winch to extract the folks I lead. I would go anywhere in it but use some caution about it’s capabilities. I...
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    Ford Dodge or Mercedes van

    I’ll get feedback on this but I bought a 2015 Ram Promaster HR-136", did a camper conversion inside ($4.5K) and used it for 5 years. NOT ONE issue. Front wheel drive and with good winter treads it goes well. Life sent a curve so I sold it for what I paid for the van with 85K miles.
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    4runnerFront bumper build.

    Did you happen to weigh it? What did the old parts weigh? Super nice job!!
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    Battery Isolator jump start effect

    Most battery isolators have a terminal to ground for their control circuit. Put a small switch in that line and switch it off to keep the battery isolated during jump starting. 4AGW is not large enough to jumpstart an engine. You do have both ends of that 4AGW fused at about 100 amps don’t you...
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    Angled rear panel as fashion

    Thanks rruff and others, I am so early in the planning stages I only have sketched something that would work for my size and fit. I built Strip cedar canoes years ago and went way deep into the wilderness of NE on lakes and rivers including a good amount of white water carrying two adults, a 12...
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    Angled rear panel as fashion

    Odd how some solutions mimic others. I have been thinking about building a fiberglass-over-foam topper super light shell for my first gen. Tacoma. No internal build except a 50”X72” bed with a slide out section. I’m thinking a rear panel with a camper door. I’m 5’7” so it would fit me. It...
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    Camping with Dog in Teardrop/Truck

    The problem with our Jack Russell is getting warmth on top of him. He hates the coat we bought him and is cold to the touch even when sleeping on a 12V warming pad. I guess chet6.7 may have the best thought (but a bit loudly stated) LOL. They do make heated enclosures for really small dogs but...
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    Exciting New Rooftop Tent Hits The Market!

    And with the car it’s only $295
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    Smartphone apps on new fridges

    I have a Alpicool CF35 chest fridg that has worked great for a couple of years. The app is great for monitoring temps, adjusting them, and turning on or off. Lots to like.
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    WTB: Tundra Topper for 1st Gen Double Cab

    oops I saw Tundra but dyslexia said Tacoma! So embarrassed all my life. Deleted my errant post, sorry.