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    1222 AF manuals?

    Hi all, I'm trying to find operators, service, shop...ANY manual for a 1222 AF fire truck. I have the manual for the OM421, but thats it. Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Ryan
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    1017 gathering of two

    Specs on the wheels and tires used on the fire truck? Great pics!
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    1985 Unimog with box. Vancouver craigslist

    $20k USD is a good deal for this truck with those features, and it looks like he did a bunch of maintenance since the last time it was for sale...
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    1964 Unimog 404 Radio Truck - $10000 - California

    I imported this truck originally in 1999 from Holland and sold it to the current seller a while back. It's got one of the nicest all original Zeppelin radio boxes I've every seen, made in 1982. The Mog always ran well. I built the ghetto Home Depot snorkel, hehehe. I miss that truck...
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    1975 Mercedes 309 Camper Possibilites has some literature.
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    Western Star Iveco VM90 Canadian military camper pc truck

    If it's not 25 years old, it's not coming in legally...
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    1961 International 4x4 camper

    That is awesome! Give it a nice turbo diesel re-power. Cool size!
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    Built 1990 Suburban & Possible M101A2 (Big Price Drop!)

    Nicely built Suburban and a good deal!
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    Unimog Deal
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    Trasharoo w/ExPo Logo Group Buy - Round 5!

    Money sent for a Black Trasharoo with White logo! Thanks!
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    Cheap 4x6 trailer for Expo build?

    This would be a good start for a camping trailer build: 4'X6' enclosed trailer, sliding floor to easily remove cargo. with four built in tracks which allows the floor to easily pull out. we have used it on vacation, it is very easy to get...
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    Well Built '99 3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner

    This is my dream 4runner, and if it were on the west coast, I'd have a hard time not doubling my budget to pick it up. Hope it finds a good home!