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    G500 Ohlin + Thor Spring Lift

    How are the Eibach springs better quality? Personally I don't think you need the Ohlins. I've had King shocks in another vehicle and they were fantastic. I purchased them from Filthy motorsports also but they recommended the standard setting so Filthy didn't do any customization for me. So...
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    Looking Into G-Wagen

    Getting anything before 2002 will be tough since they were grey market up until 2002. From 2002 on, they are all V8's. I've owned a 2002, 2005 and a 2012. Only very minor changes. The extra hp in the 2012 is helpful but not necessary. These trucks seem to be pretty reliable if taken care of...
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    2013 G63 AMG ORC springs and King Shocks install

    Have you noticed any noise from the front end with the new springs? On my previous G500 with Thor springs and fox shocks, I had this odd noise over small imperfections on the road. I couldn't tell if it was from the springs or the steering assembly but it drove me nuts. It was as if something...
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    Looking for a shop in Wilmington, DE area to reprogram computer for 33" tires

    the main time you see it, is during medium to fast downhill tight turns. In california, my ESP goes off on many on-ramps. I find it very annoying. if you ride the brake slightly it goes away but that's not ideal.
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    Gerry the G Wagon Trip Home

    Please do a write with pictures of the process and journey. I think a lot of guys would find it very interesting.
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    Door seal replacement

    Who is Merex? I did a quick search and didn't find a parts supplier named Merex....
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    2017 Ford F150 (not too crazy and not too sparse = just right)

    A camper trailer. Everything will have its place so my whole setup will be ready to at a moments notice. Plus a easy and quick tent deployment.
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    2017 Ford F150 (not too crazy and not too sparse = just right)

    Hi Gents, I haven't checked this thread in a while and didn't realize there was further interest in the truck and my grammar. ;) I'm an immigrant who attended NYC public schools so I'm only partially to blame. The two changes I've made are related to the RTT and wheels . I've decided that I...
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    Patriot Campers

    Great thread gents! Really appreciate the info. I've been doing as much online research as I can find and spoke to someone at E.O. Hoping to pull the trigger in Q1 of 2020.
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    Base G-Class converted to 4x4 squared

    As long as RDB didn't do the install of the portal axles, it should be fine.
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    Anyone selling their G550?

    Thanks but I found a truck.
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    Anyone selling their G550?

    Thanks for the response. I'm familiar with club-G and pointedthree. I've been monitoring craigs, autotrader, ebay, for a couple of weeks. Still haven't found a clean, original, low mileage truck for a fair price.
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    Anyone selling their G550?

    I'm looking for a lead on a G550 that's unmolested and in original condition. Something between 2009 and 2012.