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    Northern Explorer's 2017 F250 Build

    In for the new build.
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    Northern Explorer's 2015 TRD Off Road Tacoma

    Sorry to hear about that second Tacoma. I will never forget that message a few hours after we left your front yard about that tree coming down. We were just past Newberry. That was crazy!
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    Artistic Shots- Well thought out, framed (positioned), artistic shots only please.

    I knew that one from Germany looked familiar.
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    Edgestar Fridge Modifications Thread

    These are for the Whynters.
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    Edgestar Fridge Modifications Thread

    Anyone know a good source for Whynter dual zone fridge freezer compressor controllers? My buddy 's 62 qt dual zone needs one and Ambient is out of stock of them.
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    Abandoned/derelict sites

    I saw you on Wilder by Menard's last week. I just left from getting my bloodwork done.
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    Got A Delorme LT-20 Antenna: What To Do With It?

    I had a Delorme LT-20 basically given to me. I was thinking I could use it on my laptop and use that as a GPS (I have a bunch of MapsPro maps downloaded on it). I do not have any software for the antenna though and it seems like the laptop won't find it. Any ideas?
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    OK, So No More Diehard Platinums, What To Get Now?

    My Diehard Platinum crapped out 2017 Fall. Of course I was pinched for cash with an upcoming kidney transplant in January. I spoke with a buddy that works at an Autozone. He told me to go in to the local one and ask if there are any expired batteries. He said they sell them for $50. It was my...
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    Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Roof Top Tent

    They aren't so much an anchor point but I made these up,
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    Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Roof Top Tent

    Thse are pretty neat. My cinch straps on my Mombasas started slipping a lot a couple years ago. Last summer I just put some new Velcro on it. But that is the benefit of knowing an upholster. I picked up an industrial sewing machine last year but I haven't gotten it sorted out yet. They work...
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    Abandoned/derelict sites

    I went in Weds. AM and was out Sat. evening. I stayed by Henry Ford at their guest housing since its 100+ miles from there. I had a clinical check this AM and everything is going excellent! Very little pain. Drainage and surgical gas is all that is really bugging me and it nil compared to what I...
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    Abandoned/derelict sites

    I stopped by Schenk's on Saginaw once but I couldn't find anyone. I tried to go to Barnum's over towards Millington. He says he crushed all his old stuff but it looks like he may still have a few looking at Google Earth. There are a couple others more towards Lapeer I want to get to this summer...
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    Abandoned/derelict sites

    Here are a few more. Driving by, I would see these sitting out by the road. They made me want to get in and see what else was in there.
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    Abandoned/derelict sites

    Now it would be convincing one to go out on that giant ice skating rink! Its been cold up here. I am sure the owner would love that!