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    RTT on an M101a2 without welding?

    Should be able to make uprights with 2" square tubing and a rasor disk or jig saw. Uni-strut for rest. Could probably bolt strut to inside bed for uprights if you dont want to use existing stake pockets.
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    M1101 braking issue

    Did you adjust the shoes? Should be an access port on the backing plate. Adjust till they rub then back off a few clicks.
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    Really Big Adventure – M101A2 Build

    Nice pics and good aar. You can turn off the electronic traction control. Any time I leave pavement I turn mine off. The best money I have spent on Tundra mod was the Auburn LSD. Still need to dissable the elctronic trac control to allow the mechanical side to work. Next Tundra will get...
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    NEW XO Trailer Jack from Ark -

    You did a good job on your tongue Scrapdaddy. So where is the place to order these jacks in the US?
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    Scepter Jerry can question

    You dont need the wrench to tighten, you need it to open after they get some pressure build up. I agree with previous statements that you dont want to over tighten. Never had a leak when just hand tight. Viton gaskers are for gas but you can switch to diesel gaskets for cheap if you want...
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    Scepter Jerry can question

    They should not leak. I have a few lightly used ones I could be talked out of.
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    3600 mile, 3-week trip with the trailer

    Hard to beat a flat fender. Cool pics and rig.
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    Camping With 3 Girls: An M416 Build

    Looks good. Why stop short on the fenders? Trailer is a mud and rock throwing machine.
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    Really Big Adventure – M101A2 Build

    You will learn to dislike the surge brakes.... Nice build.
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    My M101A2 Build Photos

    Looks great. I like your style.
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    2019 Tundra

    I dont want them to do anything other than quit cutting small features like oh-**** handles etc. They did add a decent size fuel tank in recent years and I am fine with my trouble free 13mpg. They have pretty much perfected the light duty p/u and should just leave it alone. Quit changing...
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    Expedition trailers, would you buy/build one again?

    I would definitely want to try one out before spending 20K. My suggestion, get a military trailer and just run it as is for a while to see if you like dragging something behind you. If you decide to add a RTT, you could move it towards your new trailer if you decide to go that route. 1.5K...
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    Camp Chef Mountaineer Stove

    Thanks for the info. Will hold off on it.