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  • Hi,

    Yes, it's a great piece; http://www.equipt1.com/item/portable-power-pack-dual-battery-system
    I like how it's portable, so I can take it in/out of van when I want. Not that I've done it, but if I wanted to remove my fridge from the van and place it somewhere, the NLPP could also be placed next to the fridge.

    The NLPP has the isolator built-in so when the van is running the NLPP is charging off the house battery. After I shut the van off the NLPP runs on its own power.

    No inverter as part of it. It says an inverter could be connected to it.

    LMK if you have any other questions on it.
    Hi Basil,
    I actually used 2 different independent shippers. I used a website called uship.com.
    You put up online what you have needing shipped, and much like eBay companies and independent shippers bid on your load. If you accept the bid, it's a binding contract.
    The guy who shipped it back from salt lake city was awesome, but he is no longer in business for himself otherwise I would give you his info

    Good luck!
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