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    2020 Black Series HQ 17 Review Part 2

    We should screen grab the posts in this thread so it can be revived easily when it is taken down. Why anyone responds to threats of a lawsuit is beyond me, this is an open forum and I am free to say that based on many posts found on other forums black series campers are nothing but overpriced junk.
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    Research/ Experience &Concern about Trailer Manufacturer Response

    There was a long thread on black series campers on this very forum but it was removed. Apparently black series threatens lawsuits to anyone who doesn't speak positively about the campers, seems to me that is reason enough to avoid them.
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    The truth about most RV's.

    Certainly don't want to jinx this but my livinlite 21bhs has been trouble free for 3 seasons now except for the fridge circuit board was replaced under warranty the first summer and the second summer I found some insulation blocking the vent on the burner for the fridge. This camper wasn't cheap...
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    Small full-featured hard-sided stock trailers modified for slow off-pavement trips: surprisingly rare

    Spend some time on the airforums and read about the quality of a 50k plus camper. Spoiler alert! they are no different in build quality than any other camper, but then again Thor owns AS so not surprised at all.
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    Moby1 Going Out Of Business? Has Anyone Received A Deposit Return?

    Maybe one of these days antishanty can build a website that showcase the actual product because it looks very well built and is definitely unique. Instagram inspired websites are ridiculous. The scrolling features make it busy and difficult to navigate and WOW! a picture of a lake and mountain...
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    Building "Adventure Buddy"

    Looks great, are you going to install an off-road suspension and axle?
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    Taxa Outdoors

    I had a cricket and will agree that at the price point it should have a better frame. There were no problems with it but for the price I felt they could have done better there. Overall though it was a great little camper.
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    Patriot X1H vs a Fully Contained Camper Trailer

    +1 For 50k + dollars I certainly wouldn't buy the Patriot, too many other manufactures make a similar trailer for much less. For that kind of cash I'd want something with indoor accommodations, sitting under a canopy or in a tent when its raining sucks, and it sucks even more if you paid 50...
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    What are the BEST pop-up campers???

    Personally I wouldn't go as far to say that capitalism in general is to blame as there are a lot of very good companies out there that do build quality trailers, care about the customer and the value their product offers. It really burns me that thor ruined livin lite, they were great campers...
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    What are the BEST pop-up campers???

    Thor is the first 2 letters of the last names of the guys who started the company, they actually created it to buy Airstream. For anyone who thinks airstream is some paragon of quality do some reading on the air forums, how about 2 year old campers with soft floors because of leaks. The thor...
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    What are the BEST pop-up campers???

    Yes, thor ruined livinlite and the quicksilver line of tent campers. In their never ending quest to save a buck they cut so deep even they realized they ruined the product. These scumbags would trade their families for a $0.01 savings on a screw so is anyone really surprised? typical example...
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    Moby1 Going Out Of Business? Has Anyone Received A Deposit Return?

    Exactly, I would bet dollars to doughnuts that these aren't just "old employees" of moby1 but are, in fact, the very same jokers who screwed people over with stolen deposits and no trailers. Let's recap: They have the same address, the trailers look basically the same, using the old and tired...
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    If you plan on buying a manufactured trailer there are a few things you need to know

    RVs are junk because a majority of buyers want the sizzle not the steak and they want it at the lowest possible price. Just look at some campers; island kitchen, fireplace, fancy faucet, and LED lighting on everything. Most buyers are so starry eyed over the bling they don't care about the piss...
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    Offroad Capable Mainstream Trailer???

    Check out Oliver, they are expensive but are true 4 season and can certainly handle some offroad.