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  • Hi Liz! That's totally cool if you like that old van that much! The interior is stripped and just has 2 chairs in the front. I use it for going to motocross races mostly. It was a huge hit in the pits at the X Games.

    It's sorta for sale unless I start making money very soon. I might eBay it. I'd like to get $4500 for it if you or somebody you know may want it. :(

    Hi Liz. I did most of my research on www.astrosafarivans.com . They are a great group of people with multiple moderators, many experienced and active members, all willing to help out, and no drama or attitudes. Tell 'em T.Low sent you and they'll give you hard time for sure.

    16' wheels and four wheel disc brakes were a priority for me, and they are only available from 2003-2005. Low miles was somwhat important also, so i ended up with a 2003.

    You will get much more indelth answers on asv (astrosafarivans.com).


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