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    Help me Pick Lift and Tires

    I'd have to agree with this sentiment. I run larger than stock tire for off road, but not so large as to mobilize the vehicle if the EAS fails and drops to bump stops. Even without the Gap tool you can squeeze some extra height by getting the LR3 to activate extended mode. Although I'd...
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    Wood Fuel Firepit/Stove

    Silverbob, thank you for sharing your info with us all. As a result I just placed an order on your site!
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    Need shipping crate for vacation

    The other day I was in a FedEx store and they had a cardboard and plastic (I think) crate that looked sort of like the old steamer trunks. They said it was designed for multiple use shipping. I have no idea the price and didn't handle it so I didn't judge how sturdy. I think they called it...
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    Scepter 20L MFC tan

    2 left I have two left for sale.
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    Scepter 20L MFC tan

    A&P Just got back from a trip. I'll FedEx your can tomorrow. Thank you. PTB
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    Scepter 20L MFC tan

    A couple people disappeared so I have 4 available.
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    Basic rigs?

    I've only been enjoying this hobby for a few years. However, reading the ratings description you linked I would say the most important aspect, kit wise, is tires. Get a decent set of AT's, paying attention to load ratings. Always carry a matching spare (or two depending on the trail), and...
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    Scepter 20L MFC tan

    I have a few left. Feel free to PM if you are interested. PTB
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    Scepter 20L MFC tan

    A few have shipped, a few are spoken for, and I still have a couple available. PTB
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    Scepter 20L MFC tan

    A couple are spoken for, but I have five more.
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    Scepter 20L MFC tan

    Original post edited and price changed. Let me know if anyone is interested.
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    Kodiak Swag

    I recently got one, but have only used it a couple nights car-camping. It was very comfortable. I got it mainly for the speed of set up/break down on trips where you are moving campsites each day, and not spending a lot of time in camp. I would consider it more related to a bivy sack than...
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    Carrying extra fuel

    I have a couple of the wavian metal jerry cans. In my experience they seal very well. I have no where else to put them, so I put them in the vehicle. No leaks, or smell of gas even with substantial elevation and temperature changes. You can even get them with carb compliant nozzles now. I...
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    What Apps Should I Get For New Android

    I'm partial to PDF Maps by Avenza for off-road use. Download the USGS georeferenced PDFs to your device prior to trip. Storage space on the device can be an issue.