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    2017 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro - CEMENT GREY!!

    Testing the waters on this. To see interests. This is the “unicorn” of the 5th gen 4Runners! The cement grey TRD pro! And it’s fully loaded for any adventure! FOR SALE. only 17k miles. The front half of the truck is covered in clear protective wrap. Upgrades include: HID headlight kit Baja...
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    2018 Turtleback Expedition Trailer - PRICE DROP!!!!

    Now with steel tariff and taxes, around $40k!!!!! New
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    Price Drop!!!! 2018 Turtleback Expedition Trailer

    It’s up for sale! Only 7 months olds. Fully loaded. $8k savings compared to a new build and no wait time! See classified section for full details!
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    2018 Turtleback Expedition Trailer - PRICE DROP!!!!

    Hi, up for sale is a 2018 Turtleback expedition trailer. This is their top-of-the line model with the bells & whistles. Build time can be 3-6 months or more!!! Skip the wait and snag this one whiles it’s available. This trailer is in baysalt grey. VERY close to Toyota’s cement grey. Trailer is...