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    LR3 Alternator Replacement

    Regarding the powermax ebay alternator for you who've bought it: how is it doing? I am thinking of buying it to replace the oreilly one i put in that is now already dying. It looks like powermax is just remanufacturing the oem denso and then putting a smaller pulley on it, which means it will...
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    Like A Moth To The Flame- My New LR3

    What did you use to mount the curved light bar to your expedition rack?
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    Like A Moth To The Flame- My New LR3

    I realize you no longer own this build, but do you remember what mounts you used to mount the 50" curved bar to the front of the expedition rack?
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    Dropping Gas Tank in LR3

    I have needed to do this for over a year and I think I'm finally going to get around to it this weekend. Were there any gotchas or was this a straightforward operation? Is this a one-man job or should I have a buddy help? Thanks! I appreciate the tips.