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    Project "Autonomous" F-350

    No wonder it's dilapidated. They died in there years ago [emoji23]
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    Project "Autonomous" F-350

    Ooh shiney! Going to have to track down that Steel It paint here in Oz. Looks the shiz I recently cleaned up a bunch of stuff for my motorcycle using the old molasses bath - if you have trouble tracking down replacement bolts give it a crack for two weeks in a solution of 1/6 molasses...
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    International 4700 Ambo build

    Nothing like safe oil (with a seat belt on) 😂
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    Project "Autonomous" F-350

    Looks awesome. My bullbar needs redoing on my Disco. Might look into this. [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
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    Inspiration vehicles: What, if any vehicle do you draw ideas/inspiration from?

    Nope - not us Aussies. Our military now use G wagens and are phasing out defenders Here you go
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    Project "Autonomous" F-350

    Looking good papawheely! I've been away from the site for ages (new family member) and just had to read 15 or so pages. Like the move to the single cab. Makes sense. Keep up the great work ;)
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    Preparations, Discovery 2 :)
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    Preparations, Discovery 2

    Glad you found AULRO useful. Another great site is with plenty of pictures and descriptions to help you out. I've used it heaps.
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    Preparations, Discovery 2

    Check out for solutions to any td5 issue. There is a section called "the good oil" which has solutions to all the common issues (which really aren't that bad). Don't get rid of the rear air springs. It's one of my favourite things about my disco. If properly maintained the sls is...
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    2000 110 in the states - unobtanium?

    I've got a nanocom for the electronics side. But that being said I've never had a single electronics engine related issue in many hundreds of thousands of kms in either of my two td5's. They've actually been a much more reliable engine compared to the two 300 tdi's I've also had. The great thing...
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    2000 110 in the states - unobtanium?

    Sucks to be you guys! :( The TD5 is the best land rover motor IMHO. It passes the Australian emissions tests even without catalytic converters. It's always amazed me that you can register massive V8's in the states but not small and frugal diesels.
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    2017 G-Wagen: wider, new engines, new interior, IFS suspension.....

    To be fair, the article is over a year old....
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    Another Anti-Adventure Road Trip

    So Hondarider, how'd the trip go? Please regale us with your witty insights into a middle aged man's adventure on a slightly too heavy bike :P Here's something I found that you might like :)
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    Project "Autonomous" F-350

    When you operate these vents papawheely have you got other vents lower down to draw in fresh air? Otherwise they'll suck in air through seals etc. as they'll need to draw air from somewhere. Which is an issue if you are using them whilst driving or in a dusty environment. Specially on dusty...
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    Diving in Head First!

    I've been using the ARB deflator for over 7 years without issue. In my opinion they are the best and nearly the quickest of deflators on the market. They are much more accurate than the Stauns in my experience. I used one almost daily on a 45,000 km trip around Australia over 18 months. I never...