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    Starter Comms — What should I get for basic comms to let me start joining group runs, etc?

    Are you running with an established group? What are they using? Are you just wanting trail/convoy comms? Or "reach out and touch someone" comms? There are still people/groups that run CB, while some are making the switch to GMRS. Even Jeep Jamboree has moved to GMRS, it is far better than CB...
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    Mic flush mount?

    Or this one that has a 6' cord attached.
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    Mic flush mount?

    This is for Toyota vehicles but it would still make a clean install.
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    GMRS question

    What antenna is it?
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    Found This Space Saving Antennae Idea On Another Site I Visit

    I use one during the local VHF contest where I operate as a roving station. Furthest station that was participating was just over 40 miles and I didn't have a problem working him on 5 watts. (old picture, old Jeep)
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    my experience with GMRS so far

    I haven't had any problems with mine. Had heard of the issue when they first came out but not so much now.
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    Need advice on dual band antenna and mount

    Flat fender bracket on the driver side.
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    GMRS antennae needed - MXT115 Midland Micromobile

    @moose545 what mag mount antenna were you running?
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    SMS Text and Email via APRS using APRSdroid

    I made one, it was pretty easy and the pin outs are the same for the 2900. But by the sound of it, the Mobilinkd isn't what you are looking for. As noted it doesn't function as a dumb tracker, only as a more fully featured APRS set up with display and messaging and such, really more along the...
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    SMS Text and Email via APRS using APRSdroid

    I use a Mobilinkd TNC connected to a Yaesu FTM-3100. I liked the bluetooth between the TNC and the tablet so I didn't have to run any more cables around/through the dash.
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    GMRS Antenna help for Wrangler JL soft top

    An oddly shaped ground plane can distort the signal as it is pulled in the direction with the most metal. With the roll bar being tied to the rest of the body it may not effect it too much, I also wouldn't worry about it too much. Also with the soft top, if the antenna fit with the top up it...
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    GMRS Antenna help for Wrangler JL soft top

    Can you get inside the roll bar to run the coax and secure the NMO mount? Here is another option for a 1/2 wave antenna (no ground plane): A front fender mount would work well also...
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    DIY Antenna mount

    What are you trying to mount it on? L or straight fender brackets are cheap and/or easy to make.
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    Radio Comms - Multiple Sources (Beginner wanting to learn and get started)

    All 3 and if you often run with a particular group of people try to get them to switch to GMRS (or ham, but many aren't willing to study/test).
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    Is the TX4x4 club the last to use Citizens Band?

    I imagine having access to the Colorado Connection (linked repeater system for those not aware) has a bit to do with the adoption of ham radio in your area? As dreadlocks mentioned, the radio service used by groups/clubs does seem to be regional.