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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Do you have more info on how you made that rack?
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    Advice on getting it up😳

    Am I too young or just really immature because I thought something else with that title...
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    Polar Bear's Xterra Thread

    Updated thread. Also, got myself an M416 trailer. Got some work done on it already but hoping to really hit it hard in the next couple of months. When I go it: What I have done thus far:
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    My M416 - Yes, another one

    If you're still selling the hinge kits, I am definitely interested. PM me please!
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    Atxrider m416 trailer build

    Are those new stabilizing legs? Also, any deets on the mounting of the rear tire?
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    Maxtrax group buy?

    I'm in for a pair @ $50 off or more mark.
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    Wagonofdoom - 2015 Outback build

    I'm impressed, looking forward to seeing more.
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    Random RIG Shots

    Close to The Owyhee Dam.
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    OREIDAVADAH Adventure 2015

    I would be in as well! Just got back from Three Forks a couple weeks before you guys.
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    The $350 Xterra

    That is awesome ($350). Looks like fun!
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    Nissan Stuff For Sale

    Also interested in schrock engine skid. Need to ship to Oregon though.
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    CVT Seam Tape Failure?

    Nope, but man do I hate mold... this PNW weather is killing my tent.