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    12V USB Charge Port vs. Power Bank Question

    Power bank would need to be charged at some point depending upon the amount of power the connected devises draw, but being you plan to hard wire it into the trucks charging, that would eliminate that issue unless it can't charge fast enough compared to depletion rate. Try it and report back...
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    Would you bite? CL 1991 Pajero

    If you are not a gear head, you should avoid it. Its a 30 year old diesel that wasn't sold normally in the USA. Parts are not easy to find: aka - Autozone etc isn't going to have much offering for engine parts. Dealers are giving great offers on new cars these days. The 2.5l with an auto in...
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    Mitsubishi Montero / Pajero 3 rear passenger window pop outs

    oh I'm going to use this word!
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    Gen 3 crankshaft pulley bolt!

    In reality, the bolt should be changed to a new one with each timing belt service, or any other time the bolt is removed/replaced. And as RyanY mentioned, use a torque wrench to spec. IIRC the Gen 3 spec is updated (higher) from what the FSM says as well.
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    Thoughts on an 1986 isuzu trooper 2.2 diesel

    well its lasted 35 years in this one. I'd says thats reliable
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    Gen 2.5 grinding noise, HELP

    money ^^^
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    Can anyone school me in the 4m40 automatic?

    I'd be surprised if these ECUs would swap. v4aw3 is an Aisin Warner (Toyota origination) built transmission, v4a51 is a Jatco (Nissan origination) built transmission.
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    Mobile Internet

    Grab a couple year old unlocked 4G LTE mobile phone and slide in a Google fi data sim. $10 / gig - pay for what you use, no contract. Use the hotspot feature. If its not a Google fi specific phone it will only use the T-mobile network from what I understand. I have one in one of my 10"...
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    Best DIY camper build threads
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    Portable Reverse Osmosis Water System?

    RO is going to be slow and you will need either city water pressure or a pump that can supply a constant 60 psi. I have a portable setup that I use for brewing (beer) that I hook to city water. Our municipality uses chloramine for disinfection and that will leave a plastic bandaide taste in...
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    Pop-ups with inside showers?

    Outside hose hookup and curtain hoop for the rare times you will use it.
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    Exped Megamat Duo 10 torn after zero trips

    looks like a razor blade cut
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    Can anyone school me in the 4m40 automatic?

    I do not believe that an automatic transmission that bolts up to a 4m40 will also bolt up to a 4d56 unless the bellhousing is swapped. I also don't know if there is a bellhousing available to swap a 4d56 to a V4AW3. V4AW2 (aka: KM148, AW372, AW372L) is possible. A V4AW2 is cable shifted...
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    02 gen3 AC issues.

    take it back to the shop that screwed it up.
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    Herksute Gen 3 build thread

    Wow that looks a lot higher in the front than my '05 on OME Medium springs.