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    2018 Sprinter 4x4 144" Take 2

    Fascinating question for you on the front mounted motorcycle Versahaul type carrier you have up front. Are there any options for having 2 or 3 Class 3 Hitch mounts to make the mounting more secure? In the future when I get my Sportsmobile, I'd like to carry one of my 3 bikes, but...
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    Cool! Winnebago Sprinter 144 4x4 Adventure Concept Introduction

    Excellent info...thanks guys! In your discussions with them, did they offer any other paint schemes besides the two basic ones? Do you know if it would be possible to put an Aluminess or Other Quality Bumper on the rear?
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    Cool! Winnebago Sprinter 144 4x4 Adventure Concept Introduction

    Thanks Fresno...congrats on the upcoming adventures. I"ll need something more Moto Guzzi Norge weighs about 550 and I want to factor in some extra stress for flex as well...hoping that a 3 pronged Class 3 Hitch Versahaul type carrier is I can bring the bike along with...
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    Cool! Winnebago Sprinter 144 4x4 Adventure Concept Introduction

    Thanks! would be nice to see this price around $100K vs. the $135K it says on the site. Looks like a nice platform...still need to find a way to get the motorcycle mounted safely on the back and then it will be a perfect combo/vehicle! Great pics guys!
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    Cool! Winnebago Sprinter 144 4x4 Adventure Concept Introduction

    So is the Winnebago process basically a one size fits all type of customization or do you have to go thru all the options lists as Sportsmobile offers? From the videos, it seems like there is just one basically layout/floor plan/options list...I do like the fact that the bed goes all the way...
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    Cool! Winnebago Sprinter 144 4x4 Adventure Concept Introduction

    So has anyone bought a Revel yet? Video and customizing look really good...pity I cannot make it to OV Expo East this year though!
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    Give me the truth, are Land Rovers complete crap?

    200,000 miles on my 2006 Range Rover Sport...many of them on great adventures and trails all over the Southwest, tons of hard trails, more than 35 states covered during this time, with many a trip in snowy blizzards, icy roads, on the deep sand beaches of the gulf coast and everything in...
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    Our Colorado backcountry adventure in a rental Sportsmobile

    Very nice!! What great fun and photos...enjoyed it!
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    Big Bend - Summer and Solo 2015

    Well done! Very nice drone work there! BB is a fantastic place to explore on 4x4 or Motorcycle!! Nice write up! Next time...stop in at Lockhart for some of the best BBQ in the whole state! (I'm sure others will chime in of their favorite spots too)
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    Any opinions on Nitto Tires?

    I've gone thru 3 sets of Nitto Terra Grapplers (285/60/18) on my Range Rover Sport, have managed to get about 45K out of each set...they'll get a little noisy towards the end, but they are a soft tire, and great for long hauls even on the highway and excellent for any offroad activity. I'm...
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    Ram'ing around in Moab and Yellowstone

    Beautiful...Wind River range is extraordinary...riding a motorcycle carving thru those canyons from Houston to Glacier Nat'l Park was a major highlight for me a couple years ago, fun to see those tunnels they had carved into the side of the mountain for the railways. Moab...what can I
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    Land Rover - Magna Steyr contract

    What will they call the next Defender, if the name Defender is being phased out? This would be great news if they do indeed begin building a new model, as long as it's not the Matchbox toy car mockup design which was circulating earlier as the Next generation Defender. :)
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    The Adventure Continues - Sedona to the Grand Canyon

    Outstanding report, fantastic photos! We were just there a few weeks ago prior to Overland Expo on a nice moto ride thru Sedona to Flag to Grand Canyon and Tusayan on the way back. Great trip you had there and a willing partner and accompanying pooch...what more can you ask! :)