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    Tunook Build Has New Life

    Cool beans. This guy is supposed to be an expert on the supercharger for the 2UZ, and he occasionally has some for sale:
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    Tunook Build Has New Life

    I don't have any personal experience with this, but I've read that the 2UZ-FE doesn't like forced induction a whole lot.
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    Toyota VVTi Engine

    Which engine? VVTi just means variable valve timing. It's a feature on lots of engines.
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    Trailscape's 06 Tundra

    Looks good! You should probably think about changing that brake fluid though...
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    Help me pick the new rubber for my 2005 Tundra!!

    I literally just got my 265/75r16 St Maxx's put on ~2 weeks ago. Impressions- look really good, a little noise but I only notice it if I think to listen for it. Music at a normal volume would cover it up. Only complaint is that they don't seem to balance well. Could be that the shop just didn't...
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    Corbeau seats for 1st gen Tacoma

    The seats in my '09 xB are comfortable for short drives, but not comfortable after about 2 hours. The seats in my '00 Tundra are much more comfortable for long drives.
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    Build recommendations for new gen1 tundra owner

    How do you like the SPC UCAs? I like the enclosed ball joint but don't like the stories I've heard.
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    2003 Tundra AC, Finally posting a thread!

    Sorry to hear you're selling the Tundra. I just skimmed through this thread and I didn't see you address what you had to do to fit the 285's. Did you trim the pinch weld? Also, what tire size would you recommend for a rig that mostly sees 'normal truck use', i.e. trips to the home improvement...
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    seanpistol's 01 Tundra

    Both the laptop charger and phone charger should have the rated wattage and/or amps printed on them. Make sure it's for 120 AC though, you may have to convert from 12/5V DC and add some percentage due to conversion loss.
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    Trailscape's 06 Tundra

    Looks good! Nice to see someone make a good compromise between looks and functional turn signals. Looking forward to some more pictures!
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    Camburg UCA's for '02 Tundra?

    I just replaced the steering knuckles on my '00 Tundra with used parts because the bearings were bad at 167k miles. I had zero play, the passenger's side sounded dry and the driver's side would seize up after sitting for a few days. That said, if your bearings aren't showing any of those...
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    1st Gen Tundra TRD package?

    My '00 Limited/TRD/Tow pkg truck's code is A03A
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    Atticus, a 2001 Tundra build

    Do you mind sharing what the alcan leaf springs cost?
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    Possible front bumper option for the tundra.

    Nice! Looks like this is a bolt-on bumper? What are the five round things next to the square lights on the bumper?
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    Possible front bumper option for the tundra.

    Wow that looks amazing. How's the weight? Definitely not the cheapest bumper option but it looks like it's worth the extra $$$.