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    Clifford - 2020 Titan Pro-4x King Cab Build

    Pulled the trigger today on the Nissan Co-developed Icon Suspension. Really looking forward to it. Might be the only king cab second gen with that suspension. Once I get my ovrlnd camper and tires I will be mostly set.
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    Clifford - 2020 Titan Pro-4x King Cab Build

    These zero gravity seats are amazing. Perfect amount of firmness. Never experienced less driver fatigue even on 9 hour drives. Amazing! Under rear seat storage is super handy. Keeps the necessities organized and always with me just in case.One of the challenges with a less popular rig is...
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    Clifford - 2020 Titan Pro-4x King Cab Build

    Few from hunting. Happy to refill the freezer with some public land muley.
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    Clifford - 2020 Titan Pro-4x King Cab Build

    Apparently all of my photos are somehow too large to upload. Anyone know the max file size?
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    Clifford - 2020 Titan Pro-4x King Cab Build

    Well the past two months the truck has seen about 4k miles of interstate and offroading for hunting. Average fuel economy has been hand calculated at 18.4 over the course of these miles. Super impressed with this truck and the stereo, mileage, and comfort is better than my Lexus GX460 luxury...
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    Clifford - 2020 Titan Pro-4x King Cab Build

    Thanks! I will add some. The silver really breaks up what would otherwise be a whole lot of red. On the ovrlnd camper I plan on doing silver on the sides with the top portion in black. Then add some red or black mountain graphics and it should pull it all together.
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    Xterra values…

    They're sweet and solid rigs. Toyota's have always been more expensive but have taken an extra ridiculous turn since overlanding became the new fast and the furious. I have owned 6 yotas and none have been flawless including the famed pickup and gx's. Their power to mileage ratio and...
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    Four Wheel Camper ‘Project M’

    Ovrlnd campers are a great alternative. Way less lead time.
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    F150 - 2.7L vs 3.5L vs 5.0L

    Agreed. It's a common one wants to hear your look at me exhaust!
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    Clifford - 2020 Titan Pro-4x King Cab Build

    Made a 1,000 mile drive down to visit my wife in Houston while she does some work training. Pulled 20mpg measured on the trip down which I thought was pretty impressive. Of course I had to make time for a drive on the beach.
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    1986 GMC S-15

    How's that neoprene tape working out for the condensation?
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    Clifford - 2020 Titan Pro-4x King Cab Build

    Went and checked a lot of water holes out at the nearby grasslands. Lovely quiet day but not a duck or rabbit to be found.
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    Electric Heat? Teardrop

    I don't think it's a good option for offgrid. I ended up with a propex hs2000.
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    Thinking about buying another 2001-2006 ltd

    Doesn't seem like a great plan to me. These are getting old and are really hard to find properly maintained. I would suggest selling the Frontier and buying an accord/civic or camry/corolla if your goal is to pay off your credit card. You can then likely resell the car for what you paid and...
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    Ovrlnd/FWC Worth it on a 5 foot bed (midsize)?

    Go full size. Take a look at the 2020+ Titan. I got an optioned out (Rear locker, 33s, leather, sweet stereo etc.) Pro-4x 2020 with 9k miles and 50 months of remaining bumper to bumper warranty for thousands less than a SR5 Tundra with 40-50k miles and a couple years older. I got rid of a GX460...