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    2000 F250 7.3L "Trucktor" build

    Nice looking project! I really like the doors for ease of access as well. You'll like the drawers also. I laughed about the hoe. Growing up, our truck always had at least one stick with a hook of some type attached for retrieval duties from the front of the camper shell. You're really gonna...
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    GMT900 Suburban/Yukon XLs today

    You are correct that a used suv will be less expensive than an equivalent year/mileage/option truck. And many are rarely taken offroad or hammered on. A very mild lift ( think maybe an inch from torsion bars) and a slight tire size upgrade allow me to use mine for many hunting trips and family...
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    2004 2WD Chevy Tahoe, what are my options.

    The Tahoes are very capable in stock form or slightly modified.I have taken mine all over the southeast camping and hunting ( just outside Atlanta also) and on yearly trips to Colorado. I have 285 75 16 inch all terrain tires on it (Primewell ats, 500$ a set) that ride well and don't make it...
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    Guess who's back!?! Atl-atl's K5 Blazer + Four Wheel Camper "The Crawlin Cabin" documentation thread!

    Looks great! Thanks for all the photos. Really brings the thread to life.
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    Mountain View Adventure Vehicles (MVAV) DIY 4x4

    Nice build outs! The diy looks like a great base as well. Definitely something to keep in mind for retirement travel. Make sure you keep us updated.
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    94 GMC Vandura 3500 Remote Expedition Vehicle

    Sorry that your van is not going to work well for you, but it's great that you realized and accepted this early. I always have to put a lot of work and dollars into things first.
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    Show us your things that flip/fold/slide/pop or otherwise open out/up

    Very nice setup! I admire a functional, no-drama set up. Looks like an awesome trip.
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    Pop-Up Camper - Custom Build (scratch built) Oasis-Si

    Happy birthday! I vote get the lift done. You can camp with a flashlight once the lift and fabric are on! Glad to see the update, I've enjoyed your build thread and learned a lot.
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    K5 Camper. My offroad home away from home.

    The bumper looks great. Nice touch with dimple die plate. Will it need any sort of grip tape, etc or will the dimples give enough purchase to avoid slipping?
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    I'm cold! You can help!

    For camping in a vehicle or large tent,I have always put my good bags inside a cheap one for extra warmth, padding and protection. When backpacking I use a mountain hardwear down bag inside a bivy bag. The bivy bag adds a lot of warmth as well as protection from dampness and dirt. In really cold...
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    Thoughts on the Chevy Avalanche

    My wife and i really enjoy my Yukons. One is the short body and the other is an XL. I removed the rear sets in the shorter one and made a 6" high platform with storage under it and a bed on top. We have spent up to two weeks in it at the time. Its great to keep gear accessible but protected. The...
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    1991 Chevy SAS build

    Keeping an eye on this! Looks like a great start to an awesome project.
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    1972 GMC K20 Dubbed "The Wilson Project" ***UPDATES***

    What a cool build! I admire the vision and the ability you have. Can't wait to see more.
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    Guess who's back!?! Atl-atl's K5 Blazer + Four Wheel Camper "The Crawlin Cabin" documentation thread!

    That is an awesome find! I am slowly working towards a similar set up with my k5. I can't wait to see more posts and pics for ideas.
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    K5 wheel and tire questions

    Yes, it sounds like someone shooting at you going down the road! I will try lining the wheel wells. I want some kind of flap to help protect the underbody and rockers also.