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    How deep can 4x4 vans get you? Beginner questions...

    There have been a few times that I wish my van was a 4x4. BUT considering the extra costs I will just drive smarter. That may mean stopping before getting in too deep, going with another vehicle or staying home when the weather really sucks but so be it.
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    Importing an Australian made off-road trailer

    I have been wondering about registering trailers here in Alberta. When you have a trailer you buy a plate for it. That plate is good for life. Many trailers have no serial numbers on the frames any more (fallen off, painted over or built over) or numbers from other trailers are put on them to...
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    Thinking about dropping the hi-lift

    We use to call a Hi-lift a third hand. There are a lot of uses for one and can save you in many situations but if you don't know what it can do and have not used one enough then leave it at home. They have become more decoration then useful of late. I have not had one or used one for 30 plus...
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    2WD in Snow - Need advice

    A couple things... For off road people I am surprised that it took so long to mention a shovel. That is the first thing. Everything else is fine but without a shovel you are looking at pushing / pulling a lot of snow or getting high centered and the wheels will do you no good no matter what...
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    Lightweight, 4 season, wet bath 1/2 ton camper clarification & questions.

    Well you do have some wants / needs that may conflict with each other. Four season and light do not usually go together. Colder it is designed for and the more insulation and extras that are needed, that adds weight. BUT you may be able to reach a compromise. CAMPER What I did was to find an...
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    White Turtle III - Ford Transit - The build and adventure!

    Mud flaps Got them installed finally. Write-up on the blog
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    Open Differentials vs. Traction Control vs. Lockers

    I do not do much if any trails in a year so my experience is on the road. I do end up driving in daily conditions that most people don't drive off road in. A foot or more of snow, ice covered roads, muddy roads and debris covered roads. I also do not drive a 4x4 for various reasons. I have...
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    White Turtle III - Ford Transit - The build and adventure!

    Well it has been so cold that I have not gotten out a lot lately with the Turtle II or III. Good news is that I have been updating my website and added a section on the Turtles. Here is a little about how the Turtles came about. Will add more as I have time...
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    White Turtle III - Ford Transit - The build and adventure!

    Well I am a picky person so I reset the van computer once I had them on and compared to the previous reading I got it was down but not a lot. Overall I don't expect it to be much but do expect to see some drop overall. On my truck camper and motor home I noticed the difference with water and...
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    White Turtle III - Ford Transit - The build and adventure!

    So this weeks project was to get some weight in the back of the van. Found a guy selling some sand bags for $5 each, said they were 75lbs. Went out and was going to get 3. When we tried to lift them they felt closer to 100lbs each so I got two. On the way there I took a couple detours to...
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    Traditional RV modified for Overlanding?

    It is. I have a van that I LOVE for driving. Have a hard time saying I would like to spend a number of longer nights in it as I have it built for an emergency place to stay. With it getting dark at 5pm I would like a table to sit at and full kicthen to cook at. PLUS with the extra space etc...
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    Traditional RV modified for Overlanding?

    Compared my motor home with my brothers HUGE diesel truck with towing mirrors and with my mirrors to see around my big back end I was just shy of 24" wider than he was. On mountain roads without shoulders my mirrors are hitting the trees on the right side and hanging into the other lane on the...
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    Traditional RV modified for Overlanding?

    I currently have a 19' motor home (like the one mentioned above that was converted to 4x4). I bought mine to do the same thing but have since switched to a 2017 Ford Transit that I built out. For me I went from a truck camper to the motor home for health reasons. I needed something I could go...
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    White Turtle III - Ford Transit - The build and adventure!

    So took the Turtle to the mountains yesterday, amazing day, very little snow. Went down a road that is not plowed or maintained in the winter and it was mostly clear to the pavement. Came to a point that it was REALLY icey and the road started to go downhill so I decided to turn around. I know...