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    Panoramic Shots

    Four shot vertical pano of Grand Falls in Northern AZ.
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    Panoramic Shots

    These are so awesome! I will be up there in June and can't wait!
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    Superstion Mountains

    Thank you C-Fish.
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    Why no SAS on "expo" type trucks???

    I think it really depends on the same two factors as most things do: cost and intended purposes. When starting on my truck I considered all options, while I would have loved to go long travel for my usual off-road purposes it became clear that doing long travel correctly is similar to doing SAS...
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    campsite pics..lets see um

    More pictures of this trailer?! Interior shots?!
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    "Super Lens" for the Birds

    Can you post some pics from this lens? I am in the market for a long zoom and looking at the following lenses myself. Canon 100-400 old version Canon 100-400 new version Sigma 150-600 Tamron 150-600 I have read so far the new 100-400 is the sharpest and fastest but also the most expensive...
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    Superstion Mountains

    Spent a rainy day in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. Great experience to be driving and hiking in these conditions but waiting on the low hanging clouds to provide enough light and composition was a game of patience. 1. 2.
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    Random RIG Shots

    This is a sweet shot! Maybe crop some of the black area off the left side of the frame but other than that, sweet shot.
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    The black and white thread (film or digital)

    Viggen - The car shots are all quite nice as far as composition but very grainy. Is that a camera limitation or was that the intended look?
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    Death Valley

    Death Valley is great. So much to see and very diverse landscapes. Make sure you give yourself a few days when you do make it out there.
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    Death Valley

    Thanks Nathan- we didn't get much color in the sunrises on this trip. I plan to go back though, just a matter of when.
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    ExPo Videos: Post your videos here!

    Good stuff Nathan! I still need to do Mohave Road.
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    Death Valley

    That is quite a compliment, thank you! May will be quite warm in DV for sure. Areas like Zabrinski, Badwater, and Mesquite Sand Dunes are all short enough distances the heat shouldn't be to bad. Sunset, sunrise, and of course night would be the best times to shoot. Get out an get shooting so...
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    Portrait Shots (show us your best)

    Couple recent shoots.
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    Death Valley

    Spent a couple days in Death Valley trying to get some year end photography in. Light was not in our favor, Badwater is still recovering from the flood and there are no rocks in the Racetrack so it turned into primarily a scouting trip. Here are a few that were worth editing. 1. Zabrinski...