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    2020 State of the Cheap 12v Air Compressor

    Welp, the Puma is sold so that's out. I mean really, I'm thinking I'll use this maybe 4-6 times tops a year on all four tires. Again, I really don't want to carry something in the bed. I sleep back there and space is at premium. It's gotta fit in the engine bay or under a seat.
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    Hard-sided wedge style pop-up camper shell currently in development/testing in the mountains of Wyoming

    Jumping in here to say I love any new hardside popup ideas that use terms like "lightweight" and "simple". I loved what (that other hardside popup design) was onto before they decided to get into it full-time. I asked lots of questions early on when the first one was just finished...back in...
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    2020 State of the Cheap 12v Air Compressor

    I'm thinking of selling my PUMA. I've used it once or twice outside the house in the two years I've owned it. I might air down my tires 6 times a year tops. It fills floaties pretty good! Instead, I'm thinking of getting a quieter, bigger 120v unit for the garage and more of backup/emergency...
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    Converting Soft-Side Pop-Up to Hardside Panels

    I, like many, was enamored with Haitus campers hard-side pop-up topper for their hardside, lightweight, still-functional-as-a-daily-bed-storage-cover camper, until the prices crept up to crazy. Out in here in high-desert, winds can keep you up at night, especially if the canvas sides of your...
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    ViAir 400P-A, Air Zenith OBD2, or Puma PD1006 Air Compressors

    I use air for a lot more than just tire inflation. We go to the lake regularly and I use a compressor to fill floaties. I ride MTB, so use a compressor on the truck to reseat tubeless tires. And 9/10 when I'm on the trails with the truck I'm not airing down (although last week's trip I was...
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    ViAir 400P-A, Air Zenith OBD2, or Puma PD1006 Air Compressors

    Following up on this ages old thread: I picked up a PD1006 last year and have been using it occasionally. One thing is for sure, it's a power hog. It'll kill batteries pretty quick if they aren't being recharged while running, especially anything smaller than a big truck battery. I've also...
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    1st Gen Tundra vs. 80 Series Land Cruiser

    I had a 2nd Gen Tacoma, Jeeps, a brief stint with a Trooper, and currently I've got a 06 DC Tundra that just surpassed 200k (27k miles in my ownership) The first thing I noticed about the 1st Gen Tundra is how it is the odd child in Toyota's offroad support lineup. While there are parts for...
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    Swing Up Awning Bracket / Mount

    Interesting idea. I see a similar use case: A smaller awning that can get stored "up" when driving, but swing to a lower position when in use. I see some awnings that are mounted extremely high, and unless the sun is directly over the vehicle, they do very little.
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    Falken Wildpeak AT/3W - anyone running them? Opinions?

    Anyone running these in 275/70R17? I was all hell bent on the 255/80R17, but I realized I'd rather have a slightly shorter tire that fills out the wheel well a bit without spacers than a narrow tire that's very inset. I currently run pizza cutters with spacers and I'm over spacers. Plus, the...
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    Chairs for men of substantial dimensions?

    Here's some things I've noticed as a 240lbs guy who rooches (squirms) and can't sit still: Sliding mechanisms suck. Any chair that has a piece that slides is going to inevitably get gunked up with grit, stop sliding, and be a **********. The fewer parts the better. I've got a GCI Outdoor Low...
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    Falken Wildpeak AT/3W - anyone running them? Opinions?

    Ahh correct - the Silica compound provides better wet performance, but makes no mention of its role in being "Snow Rated". Good to know - back to wanting 255/80R17s!
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    Falken Wildpeak AT/3W - anyone running them? Opinions?

    It's my understanding that the AT3W is only snow rated in NON-LT sizes.
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    Falken Wildpeak AT/3W - anyone running them? Opinions?

    I'm curious about snow performance of the AT3W. Can anyone compared them against the Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx? It's a shame nobody makes a "snow rated" (even if not a true snow tire) in 255/80R17.
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    2006 Tundra DC Build

    Likely 17x8 -10 FN Countersteer Type-X. If they're Six Shooters they are 17x8 -0, so either way they are 17x8. Trailbikerider, did you have issues with the spacers? The 4Runner wheels you had previously were roughly the same offset as stock +15 vs +18. 1st Gen Tundras have the lowest offset of...
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    Custom Steel Wheels (for Toyota)

    Uh...that's a snorkel. I'm looking for wheels.