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    Eco Temp L5 propane source, please enlighten me

    Keep in mind the pressure stays consistent as long as you arent pulling out more vapor than the cylinder is producing.
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    XT350 lightweight adv

    Ah hell, never even thought about this. Thanks my KLR suffers from this at speeds above 70 for extended periods
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    Ruger Bearcat

    I would have kept my old Bearcat and just carried the hammer down on an empty chamber.
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    Leather Holster manufacturers

    El Paso Saddlery and Bullard Leather among the smaller shops. Galco and Bianchi among the big shops. Hard to find a more comfortable IWB that a Bianchi 100 in my opinion. But it really depends on what you want.
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    Quality Propane Tanks for Overlanding?

    They can fail, I have seen two over filled cylinders in the last year. It's why we fill to weight.
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    Watches.......the other type!

    If you find one that tickles your fancy go for it, really pretty hard to find a bad watch among well known companies. I rarely sell or trade, after I get a few memories in them they become sentimental to me. I wear anything from watches of the late 30's to current ones. Ones from the 30's and...
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    Quality Propane Tanks for Overlanding?
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    Watches.......the other type!

    Theres no magic bullet in watches, I have had and have, Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Oris, couple of Seiko, a Zeno, a Martac and an Orient. I think the Orient was $129, the Rolex was $3200. Everything else was in between. The Rolex self destructed digging post holes. They covered it under warranty...
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    electric blankets 12V?

    Carry something to back it up, I can tell you from Gerbings jackets, riding at 20º and blow a fuse it gets damn cold damn fast. When they work, nothing better, when they blow a fuse you might as well be wrapped up in newspapers sleeping in a dumpster
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    Interested in 1st gen Xterra 4x4. What to look out for?

    Yep, I liked the ones we had. Not much power on the interstate, be prepared for it to down shift and hit redline on ever mountain pass if you are trying to maintain 70+ mph. Only thing we had slower was a 92 Isuzu Rodeo with the GM V6 and 5 speed, but the Rodeo never got below about 18 mpg. The...
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    Propane quick disconnect and 20Lb tank

    My camper used these, went from regulator to appliances
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    Quality Propane Tanks for Overlanding?

    If you get a whump sound cutting it off at the tank instead of the valve on the stove it may be burning back into the burner when the pressure stops. Most times it doesnt matter, but I just use the stove valve since they were designed to cut the stove off.
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    Practical barbecue grill solutions?

    They are very common in the south and west.
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    Quality Propane Tanks for Overlanding?

    Thats very true,
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    Quality Propane Tanks for Overlanding?

    They usually charge about $4 less for an exchange than a refill around here. So while you get less, it is usually quicker and the price is a little less. Exchange may be fine if you are at a place that refills their own cylinders, most will refill an exchange to 20 lbs same as they refill your...