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    Land Rover OEM Trailer Hitch Receiver

    @mmdelatorre I have one I was about to put up for sale. Exactly as above with both (2) keys. PM me if interested.
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    An introduction to my new LR3

    @OregonGX Great find and congrats! Like me, you were lucky enough to find a LR3 with both the HD and LUX packages. Mine is an '08 as well with both packages and just turned 60K miles though I've owned mine for a few years now and purchased it with ~36K. The leather on the LUX package is so...
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    LR4 fridge placement

    I agree with this. The worst thing for a fridge compressor is the stress of the initial cool down. My ARB stays plugged in as my beer fridge 24x7x365 and has been this way since 2012
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    Rank my shopping list

    As with anything, the day you absolutely need it is the day you wish you had it. For this reason I was very patient in ultimately finding my 2008 LR3 HSE w/HD and at the time only had 37k on it. Patience even ended up getting me the LUX interior as well. She just turned 60k 2 weeks ago. (y)
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    LR3/LR4 playload is 1325 lbs...1984 lbs is impressive
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    Cargo space on the 110 is a disappointment. Considerably less than the LR3/LR4 and even a 4Runner. Sounds like more waiting until the 130 becomes available.
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    2015/16 LR4 Dual Battery Setup?

    @NYCRover you NEVER want to run your winch off a secondary battery. You always want it wired to the primary as it is the battery connected straight to the alternator.
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    LR3 Differential Backlash?

    @unseenone any assistance you can provide?
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    LR3/4 Injector Cleaning

    BK44 is what my local LR dealership uses and was recommended by their master tech when I asked.
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    Using GAP Iddtool to level up for camping

    @LR4project how much is the Xlift going for in USD?
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    Alpicool Fridge/Freezers?

    @CaliMobber I'd be interested to see what you come up with for the cleaning up the wiring....I assume you mean relocating the temp sensor?
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    Alpicool Fridge/Freezers?

    Alpicool C15 worked great as a freezer for this past weekend's camp trip. With air temps in the 90s the kids loved it when I pull out freeze pops during the day and then drum sticks for dessert at night. Running it as a freezer in those temps did have the compressor working overtime which...
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    Alpicool Fridge/Freezers?

    I've had my Alpicool C15 for little over 6 months. I personally love it and I'm surprise at how often I use it since its size lends to just tossing it in any car on a whim. For camping specifically I use it primarily to store most my refrigerated foods (meats, cheezes, kids yogurts...
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    SOLD: Brand new Coleman Exponent Ocala 5 person tent w/box

    Hi All, I have for sale a new, never used, and very rare Coleman Exponent Ocala 5 (5 person) true 3 season tent (model # 9803-119) with original box. Coleman’s Exponent line of products was its highest end product line and competed in the same market segment as other high end outdoor gear (i.e...