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    Cinder Hills OHV Flagstaff Arizona

    We'd be glad to send anyone a small bag of cinders, to use as you see fit. Sort of like a virtual trip to Cinder Hills, no?
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    This might be a handy vehicle for an RV base if it was a bit shorter. I know someone who's had one of these ex-military F-800s for years now, and he really likes it (especially since he paid like $10K for an almost-new truck).
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    Cinder Hills OHV Flagstaff Arizona

    Seems like there's a lot of visitors in town this week...
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    Next Gen Land Cruiser

    Manual transmission! Straight axles!! Diesel engine!!! No electronicals!!!! (Please don't wake me up...)
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    General gripe

    5.11 products are reasonably priced and pretty well-made (assuming you don't mind looking like you're on a SWAT team).
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    A Real Man's RV

    Think I'll wait for the XL version.
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    95 REVCON 6x6 Seats 6+ Sleeps 4+ $50k

    Not a 6X6, but a 6X4. The tag axle is not powered.
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    1967 Alaskan Camper

    I just purchased a 1967 Alaskan 10-foot non-cabover camper for my 1.5 ton 4x4 flatbed truck. I've wanted one of these for years, but they're very hard to get unless you buy a new one. This Alaskan is in great shape, both the interior (maple) and the outside aluminum. Many of the vintage ones...
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    *** VAN HAS BEEN RECOVERED*** 4x4 Van STOLEN in Portland OR June 4th

    I didn't know Nicholas Cage had a brother. Another _mike is of course correct that doing something is better than doing nothing. Personally, I always keep a few of my pet wolverines in my overland truck, and I've never had anyone attempt to steal it. Well, not anyone that I could find the...
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    Kitanica pants review

    After wearing these for a couple weeks, I find them to be comfortable and the material well-made. I've used the front and side pockets (the Raider pants have about 30 pockets) and they seem fine. I haven't put anything in the back pockets. I keep a bunch of nitrile gloves in one pocket, Narcan...
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    *** VAN HAS BEEN RECOVERED*** 4x4 Van STOLEN in Portland OR June 4th

    If someone really wants to steal a vehicle, they'll use a tow truck or flatbed with a winch to do so. So while a kill switch is a good idea, it's not always effective. And there are ways - never mind what they are - to disable tracking devices. Professional car thieves who specialize in Bentleys...
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    Kitanica pants review

    Just got a pair of Kitanica Raider pants (they've changed the knee material, so these were about $75 cheaper than usual). Very well constructed, made in US, lots of huge pockets in what seem to be the right places, very nice fit and finish. These may be a bit over-the-top for daily...
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    Thinking about dropping the hi-lift

    Never used a hi-Lift for tire-changing, etc, but have twice used them for extricating someone from a damaged/rolled vehicle when a regular rescue tool (Hurst or Lucas, etc) was not available.