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    How to make a cheap isolated dual-battery setup for $50

    Awesome! Thanks! Plan was to use 4ga welding wire along the driver side frame for positive and negative. Reason I want it back there is closer to the fridge and easier to mount solar controller back there. Plus inverter and other electrical needs. Doubt I’d ever tie the batteries together for...
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    How to make a cheap isolated dual-battery setup for $50

    OK, bringing this one back to the top. But after about 28 pages I couldn’t make myself ready anymore. Especially since some of the posts were taking up half a page. Looking to do a dual system in my 2012 T4R. Here my questions... I want to stick my house battery in the back of the truck near...
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    Another Road Trip; TX-NM-AZ-UT-CO, July 2019

    Check your high passes in Colorado. Lots of snow and lots of avalanches this past year. We just got done with 550 from Durango to Rideway. Ophir is closed do to avalanche debris. Engineer and Imogene still have a ton of snow up there. I know a lot can change in a month but I figured I’d...
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    1999 Jeep Wrangler 2.2L Kubota diesel swap

    Someone is showing a bit of *** aren't they? :rolleyes: For someone on a board with tons of people that modify their rigs, that's a pretty stupid comment to make. Regardless of how long you've been around or how many miles you've traveled. Please step off your high horse and realize that a lot...
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    2013 Pathfinder

    I understand the move, but did they really have to "reinvent" the Mazda CX?
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    Frontier fragile front diffs

    They're not fragile, but they're not even remotely bulletproof. You just have to be a smart wheeler. Meaning stay off the throttle as much as possible -- most breakages have occurred due to liberal use of the skinny peddle. It's just a really big torque load when your wheels are free spinning...
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    goneMOAB 2012

    Maybe yes. Maybe no. Stop trying to twist my arm. :)
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    ARB skid plate set for Gen 2 Frontiers and Xterras

    3mm isn't very thick. As it is right now, I can rest the entire weight of my truck on any of my skids. However, I am very glad to see ARB getting their hands further into our trucks -- it is always good news. And the price may be high, but ARB comes with great quality and their prices reflect such.
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    goneMOAB 2012

    Anyone on the fence about going needs to go. Period. It's an amazing time and you won't forget it. Oh, and thanks for the new iPhone wallpaper Kevin! :sombrero:
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    nXm2 Official Thread

    I'm considering it...
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    Ho ho ho, Santa came early (AR15 upgrades)

    Carry some black electrical tape when going to the range with that ACOG. Just cover up as much, or as little, of the tritium as needed. I say this because on a bright day, the bright reticule can really fatigue your eyes fast. Covering up the tritium will reduce the brightness. ACOGs are nice...
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    Looks like the wife's Frontier fell victim to the popular fuel sending unit problem

    Yeah that definitely understandable. I haven't gotten the notice but I'm at 76K'ish miles and that's over the new warranty. Whatever. Like I said, it hasn't really been a bother. I'll have to fix it soon though as inspection is up in Feburary. I could skirt by it and not worry, but I need to...
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    Looks like the wife's Frontier fell victim to the popular fuel sending unit problem

    The warranty was extended for the FSU, so hopefully there is no out of pocket expense there. You still could have gone to the mountains, you'd just have to be more mindful of your fuel consumption. Mine has been out since I got back from Moab in may (actually the very hour I got home it bellied...
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    where do I begin ?

    You can get an ARB to fit in the M226 (D44 variant) and I believe a locker is in the works for the C200. You're going to upgrade the suspension anyway right? No need for Bilsteins from the factory. The stock skid plates are better than nothing, if only just slightly. The only thing I don't...
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    Nismo Vs. 4x4 LE SE Etc...Help!

    The LE Crew Cab will come with leather and a moon roof also. Honestly, if you're a now thrills kind of a guy an LE is a bit much. But as stated, only NISMO/Pro-4X models will come with a locker and skid plates.